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Different Ways On How To Buy Airtime From Access Bank

You can buy airtime from your Access Bank account in different ways. Airtime can be purchased through USSD code which does not require an internet connection or a smartphone, it can be worked on any phone.

You can also purchase airtime through the Access Bank Mobile App and Internet Banking. You will be guided on how to buy a recharge card through these three methods for yourself and others.

Requirements For Buying Airtime From Access Bank

To recharge from an Access Bank account, you must:

  • Be an Access Bank account holder
  • Have an active phone number linked to your access bank account
  • Have activated Access Bank mobile banking app on your smartphone.

How To Buy Airtime From Access Bank For Yourself through USSD Code

It is very easy. Simply dial *901*Amount#. For example, *901*1000# to buy 1000 naira airtime for your registered mobile number with your Access Bank account.

How To Buy Airtime From Access Bank For Others

Simply dial *901*Amount*Phone Number#. For example, *901*1000*08069999999# to buy 1000 naira airtime for the selected mobile number.

You can easily purchase airtime for yourself and others through the USSD code without hassle.

How To Buy Airtime From Access Bank Via Access Bank Mobile App

You can conveniently purchase airtime via the Access Bank mobile app on your smartphone without hassle. It is very fast and reliable. To recharge, simply:

  • Open the Access Bank App on your smartphone
  • Sign in with your login details
  • Navigate to “Airtime” and enter the correct details to recharge airtime for yourself or others. 

How To Buy Airtime From Access Bank Via Internet Banking 

Internet banking is another means of buying recharge cards from Access Bank. This process, however, requires the use of data and a smartphone. To make use of this service, you must:

  • Be an Access Bank account holder either current or savings
  • Your phone number and email must be active and linked to your Access Bank account
  •  Have a smartphone 
  • Have an active ATM card

Here’s how to register on the Access Bank Internet Banking

  • Go to the bank’s website at
  • Click on internet banking
  • Input your account number and click on “submit”
  • An authentication message will be sent to your email and your phone
  • Enter the activation code and submit it
  • You can choose your ID, password, and secure image right after this
  • Accept terms and conditions then submit
  • You can now log in anytime.

Airtime Buying Process

  • Log in to the Access Bank Online Platform
  • Click on login and enter your details
  • Enter the recipient’s details
  • Check again to ensure you have entered the correct details
  • Enter the security code for authorization and submit.

How To Buy Airtime From Access Bank Via ATM Card

Here’s yet another way to buy a recharge card from your Access Bank account. To purchase with your ATM card, simply:

  • Insert your ATM card into an ATM machine and enter your 4 digits PIN
  • Select “Airtime Recharge” in the menu
  • Select the network and input the amount
  • Enter your phone number and confirm the transaction.

How To Deactivate Access Bank USSD Code

In case you misplace your phone and would like to deactivate the USSD service, you can simply dial *901*911# on another phone.

Follow the prompt displayed on the screen and enter your details correctly. Your USSD will be deactivated immediately.

You can also learn how to check your Access Bank account balance.  

Other Access Bank Transaction Codes 

Features Short Code
Airtime for self *901*Amount#
Airtime for others *901*Amount*Phone Number#
Account Opening *901*0#
Data Purchase *901*8#
Balance Enquiry *901*5#
Fund Transfer to Access Bank *901*1*Amount*Account Number#
Fund Transfer to Other Banks *901*2*Amount*Account Number#
Merchant Payment *901*3*Amount*Merchant Code#
Bill Payment *901*3#
OTP Generation *901*4*1#


Final Thoughts

This is it, learning how to buy airtime from your access bank account can be as easy as that. As said in the post, you can purchase easily through USSD code, Mobile App, internet banking, and ATM. Choose based on your preference. 

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