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How to Request for GTBank ATM Card Online

We know it can be stressful to be in a long queue for a very long period of time in the bank after you would have filled out a form just to get or replace an ATM card, and of course, nobody likes his or her time to be wasted queueing for a long time just to collect their ATM card. Well, you should worry not because you will be learning how to request for GTBank card online in this article. 

Many people have the belief that ATM cards cannot be requested without visiting the bank, but I am telling you now that Nigerian banks have upgraded their services in a lot of ways such as the means to request ATM cards online without having to go to the bank and many more.  You can easily request an ATM replacement card and it will get mailed to you within 7 working days wherever you are in the world.

Although this option is not always available for many banks including GTBank simply because of the alarming rate of cybercrimes in our country. Nevertheless, GTBank has made a full-proof option for their trusted customers to request their ATMs online.

Requesting a new ATM card is as simple as launching your mobile app and navigating through it to request your ATM card. Let’s get started on how you can request your GTBank ATM card on your phone.

How to Request for GTBank ATM Cards

 Requesting through ATM Cards Mobile App

To request for GTBank ATM card, the first option is to download the app and install it on your mobile from the mobile app store. After you have installed the app, you should now create an account on the app with your account number. Then you should log in and navigate to the menu to select the card tab, from this icon, you can request the ATM card of your choice.

Note that you should actively be connected to the internet to allow for a swift process. You should not also forget to indicate the venue to pick the card up and ensure to have sufficient money in your account balance for the transaction before applying otherwise it will be invalid. You need at least one thousand Naira or more before you can successfully apply for the ATM card. You may be charged for the service or not, it depends on the banker and the amount you have before applying.

Through the Internet Banking

Another way of applying for a GTBank ATM card is through internet banking if you have registered on the platform before. All you need to do is to go GTBank’s online banking service and login into your account online and navigate through to the card menu.

Press “Request for ATM card” then you should select the nearest pickup branch and submit. When the card is ready, you can simply walk into any of the nearest GTBank branches and pick up your card at the customer service desk.

 Requesting through GTConnect

You can also request your GTBank ATM card through the GTConnect in your comfort zone. GTConnect is an interactive voice response (IVR) and it can be gotten at every GTBank branch. You can just ask them at the customer service direction on how to get it done.

You can also locate the hanging telephone on the wall to carry out your request. A few instructions are always pasted on it that can easily help you on the steps. Just follow the voice response and you will get your request done within a few minutes.

Other Means to Request for GTBank ATM Card

Well, if you are still unable to apply or request your GTBank debit card, then you should go through the traditional way. Just walk into any GTBank branch that is closer to you and make your way to the customer service desk and make your intentions known to them. An ATM application form will be given to you immediately to fill out and submit. You will be told and guided on how or when you will your ATM card instantly.  Also Read: What is the code to borrow a loan from gtbank



The above details have extensively discussed how you can your GTBank ATM card online, you can choose any of the options for your debit card application and you are good to go. Wishing you the best of luck in your quest to apply for a new ATM card.




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