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How To Upgrade Your GTBank Account

Are you restricted to a certain level of services on your GTBank account? Are you by any chance considering upgrading your account? Well, you are right, as that is the next line of action. But do you not know how to go about it? Read this how to upgrade your GTBank account- bank guide (NGR) to master the way.

Many GTBank customers have suffered the consequences of a dearth of knowledge because they just go to the bank to get accounts opened without knowing the level/tier of their accounts. 

The good news is that nothing has spoiled, because there is a counter-action to that one-time erroneous action. All you have to do is complete your profile with GTBank and get your account upgraded.

Sounds like a big deal, yeah? No, it isn’t, but then I will leave you to decide when you are done reading the guide I have prepared for you.

In that vein, let us get the show on the road.

Just before that,

What are the Tier of Accounts in GTBank?

How To Upgrade Your GTBank Account - Bank Guide (NGR)

I am quite aware that many people know only about the types of accounts they can have with a bank, be it savings, current, or a fixed deposit account, and not the tiers.

Generally, they group these accounts into three levels based on the maximum amounts they can take at a time and the maximum cumulative value. They are:


  • Tier 1 Account

This is the GTBank instant account which can not take more than fifty thousand Naira only (50,000) deposit at a go. The highest amount the account can take is three hundred thousand Naira only (300,000), above which they will place a restriction on the account.

  • Tier 2 Account

The maximum one-time deposit for this account is one hundred thousand Naira only (100,000). Whereas, they border the cumulative value of the tier 2 account at five hundred thousand Naira only (500,000).

This means the total amount in your tier 2 GTBank account should be equal to or less than #500,000.

  • Tier 3 Account

GTBank tier 3 account is the topmost tier and has no limit to what it can take, whether as a one-time, deposit, or cumulative limit. 

So, how do you get your GTBank account to this point of no limit?

How To Upgrade Your GTBank Account

There are two ways to upgrade your GTBank account, and either way, you will need some necessary documents to complete the process.

But first, shall we take a look at the requirements?

Requirements To Upgrade Your GTBank Account

The following are the documents you need to tender to complete your bank profile and get an upgrade in your GTBank account:

  • Bank Verification Number
  • A means of identification such as a national passport, national identification card, and driver’s license.
  • Two passport photographs
  • A utility bill you received within the past three months. It is usually to prove your residence.

Moving forward, what are the two ways you can upgrade your GTBank account? You can upgrade your account via the online or offline method.

How To Upgrade Your GTBank Account Offline

This is the most common method that GTBank customers explore to upgrade their accounts. Below is a detailed guide to follow if you want to go this way:

  1. Compile the required documents as listed above.
  2. Visit any nearest GTBank branch to you.
  3. Locate the customer service unit of the branch, and table your request for an upgrade.
  4. The customer care representative will request your account details for verification.
  5. They will issue you a form which you are to fill.
  6. Fill out the form and attach the required documents to the form before you submit it.
  7. The customer care representative will begin to process your request.
  8. They will upgrade your account as soon as the process is completed.

And there you go, with your GTBank account upgraded and your limit raised.

How To Upgrade Your GTBank Account Online

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GTBank made the option of upgrading your GTBank account online available as one of the COVID measures. However, it is mostly explored by the group of GTBank customers who do not vote for stress.

It’s needless to say that with this method, you wouldn’t have to stand for hours in the banking hall. Just your smartphone and a good internet connection will get you started.

Here are the steps to follow to upgrade your account without any hitch:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “Register today” to get started if it is your first time on the platform. Otherwise, skip this step.
  3. Sign in to the platform using your login details.
  4. Navigate to the down most part of the page, and select “Self-service Option”.
  5. Select “Account Upgrade” as the service type.
  6. Enter your 10-digit GTBank account number and your BVN where appropriate.
  7. Select the preferred tier you want your account to be upgraded to.
  8. Generate a one-time pin (OTP) to complete this process via SMS.
  9. Input the OTP as soon as you receive it because it expires in 10 minutes or less.
  10. Upload the required documents as you’re demanded to do.
  11. Hit the “Submit” button and you are done!

Please, note:

  • To generate an OTP, you are to use the same phone number you linked to the account.
  • The tier you plan to upgrade your account to will determine if you will need all or some of the requirements above. For tier 2, you will not need the utility bill, but it is required for Tier 3.

However, it is advisable to upgrade to Tier 3, since the GTBank Tier 3 account limit is infinite. Therefore, you won’t have to go through this process anymore.


I hope you found this post on how to upgrade your GTBank account – bank guide (NGR) helpful. You have two options to choose from raising your account limit to a GTBank tier 3 account limit, depending on your convenience.

I would love to read your reviews on this post, your suggestions, and your experience while trying out any of the methods in the comments section. Do well to share this post with your family and friends.

You can also check my post on how to increase GTBank transfer limit.

Good luck!


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