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How to Sign up for Gtbank Mobile App

How to sign up on Gtbank mobile app may sound difficult as it involves the usage of an app.

Whereas, you do not need to be a tech guru before you can operate the GTBank mobile app.

This article is your last bus stop if you want to know how to open GTBank mobile app. 


Gtbank Mobile App

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) is one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria. With a whole of customers all over the country. 

The advent of technology and the internet has greatly helped financial institutions like GTBank improve the quality of their services greatly.

This brought about the introduction of the GTBank mobile app. This has no doubt made daily basic banking transactions easier for customers. 

There is absolutely no need for customers to endure long queues in the bank before they can perform activities like transfer of funds, bill payment, etc. 


Merits of Gtbank Mobile App

With the introduction of the GTBank mobile app, customers can now perform various banking activities from the comfort of their homes.

Some of the major benefits that come with the GTBank mobile app include:

  • Easy transactions (both between GTBanks and other banks) such as transfer of funds, payment of bills, etc.
  • Checking of account balance anytime
  • Request for statement of accounts, and checkbooks. 
  • Purchase of airtime, data purchase
  • Book international and local flights and pay for tickets, etc.


How to Open Gtbank Mobile App

To open a GTBank mobile app doesn’t require you to have deep knowledge of technology. 

In fact, GTBank made the app as simple as possible to allow everyone to be able to use it. Most people don’t have the information on how to sign up on GTBank mobile app, which is about to be explained in this guide. 

  1. Download Gtbank Mobile App from Playstore (for android users), apple store (for iPhone users) 
  2. After downloading and installing the app, open it to sign in
  3. Click on let’s get started
  4. Input your username ID and password to sign in ( if you do not have a password, Dial *737*6*5# to get the login details)
  5. You will be asked to input a one-time verification number which will be sent to the phone number linked to your bank account.
  6. Afterward, you will be asked to select your transaction authentication method – pin or token. 

For pin – 

Click pin, then agree to the terms and conditions, complete the prompt form and click on continue. 

For Token – 

Click the token, then an OTP code will be sent to your phone number/email address then click on continue. 


Frequently Asked Question

How do I get my GTBank user ID?

Answer – You can dial *737*6*5# from the phone number linked to your bank account. 

What is this user ID?

Answer – A user ID is a unique identifier, commonly used to log on to a website, app, or online service.

How do I create a new user ID?

Answer – Select Start > Settings > Accounts and then select Family & other users. (In some versions of Windows you’ll see Other users)

What is the GTBank mobile app?

Answer – Gtbank mobile app allows each customer to perform all basic banking activities from wherever they are.

How do I download the Gtbank mobile app?

Answer – You can download the Gtbank mobile app on the Playstore or Apple store. 

What are username and password?

Answer – Username and password are what identify you whenever you want to sign in to any online-based system.

How do I find my password?

Answer – If you have forgotten your password, simply click on forget password and follow the subsequent prompts. 


The introduction of the Gtbank mobile app has helped GTBank take the bank closer to its customers. 

The app allows easy transactions and requesting a checkbook or statement of account, and your book balance gtb etc. 

How to sign up on GTBank mobile app involves steps that begin with downloading the GTBank mobile app, signing in with your username and password, selecting your preferred authentication method, and you are good to go. 


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