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How Can I Check My GTBank Account Balance Online?

Did you just get the latest piece of information that you could check your GTB account balance without getting to the bank at all? Sadly, you didn’t get the full gist and that has got you asking “How can I check my GTBank account balance online?” 

Worry no more! You have found the right page because this post will provide satisfying answers to that question bugging your mind. 

Let me confirm the intel you got by saying it is totally true that you check your GTBank account balance regardless of your location and you won’t have to join a queue at the bank.

In this article, you will find out the various ways you can explore to check your account balance. I bet that none of the options will take you out of your room or office space. Well, except you have to go around in search of a good network connection.

So, let’s get things underway.

First off, 

What Are The Requirements For Checking Your GTBank Account Balance Online?

To check your GTbank account balance online, you must get the following ready:

  • A smartphone

  • A good internet connection

  • Internet banking account/ GTBank mobile app

  • Login details

You might be wondering what to the with the details above, stick around and you will find out in a moment.

How Can I Check My GTBank Account Balance Online?

How Can I Check My GTBank Account Balance Online?

I am sure you are eager to check this section out, the long wait is over. So, here is it: there are two ways to check your GTBank account balance online. 

You can check using the:

  • GTBank internet platform; or the

  • GTBank mobile app

How To Check GTBank Account Balance Online Via GTBank Internet Platform

Below is a straightforward guide on how to use the GTBank internet platform to access your account balance:

  1. Visit the GTBank internet banking portal

  2. Input your login details, this includes your username and password

  3. Click on the “Log in” button

  4. Locate and click on the “My Account” icon

  5. Navigate to “Balance Enquiry”, then click on it.

  6. You should have your account balance displayed on your screen.

Looks so simple and practical, right? Yes, I believe so too!

How To Check GTBank Account Balance Online Via GTBank Mobile App 

You can do this by following this easy guide:

  1. Download and install GTBank mobile app from your app store to your smartphone.

  2. Register and activate your mobile app. You can check my post on how to register GTBank mobile app for a fluent procedure.

  3. Sign in to the app with your login details.

  4. At the top of your profile, your account balance will be displayed.

And there you go! It is that simple, such a hands-down procedure!

However, there are other ways to check your GTBank account balance using a mobile phone. These options exist for anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone or access to the internet. 

It is worthy of note that these options will be effective only if the phone number that you linked to your account is still very active. 

Otherwise, you might have to retrieve your line or find out from your bank if it is possible to change your phone number.

Given that, there are two easy ways to check your GTBank account balance offline:

Via GTBank USSD code

To check your GTBank account balance using the USSD code, all you have to do is dial *737*6*1# after which you will get a message to input your 737 pin or the last four digits of your GTBank ATM card. 

You will receive a notification on your mobile phone stating your current account balance.


Send an SMS message in this format – Bal(space)Acc Number to 08076665555 and you will receive another SMS stating your GTBank account balance. 

For instance, if your account number was 0123456789, then send

  Bal 0123456789

to 08076665555 to request your account balance.

Final Thoughts

And that is all about how to check your GTBank account balance. I hope you found the answers in this post to the question “how can I check my GTBank account balance online?” satisfactory. 

I want to believe you found the steps to check your GTBank account balance whether online or offline very effortless. 

I give you my word, I don’t think there is a more convenient way to check your account balance other than these except you want to do that in the banking hall.

I would love to read your reviews on this post in the comment section and do share the link to this article with your friends too. Also, feel free to drop any suggestions in the comment section.


Stay safe!

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