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How To Increase UBA Transfer Limit On UBA Mobile App

If you have been experiencing some hard times due to a reduced transfer limit on your UBA account, then hang on to this page to master how to increase UBA transfer limit via the UBA mobile app.

Making transfers using UBA transfer codes, the mobile app, internet banking, or the chat with Leo methods have been such a great blessing to every one of UBA customers. 

However, the transfer limits placed on most accounts are so ridiculously low that they are almost robbing UBA of their deserved accolades.

The good piece of news is that this is an action that can be undone, there is a way out of this muddle. It is impossible to initiate an increase on your UBA transfer limit.

So, dear loyal UBA customers, grab a bottle of coke and a bowl of popcorn while I walk you through the process of raising your UBA transfer limit.

Are you ready? Great, let’s begin!

Hold on a sec,

What Is The Transfer Limit On UBA Mobile App?

United Bank for Africa, like many other commercial banks in Nigeria, sets a limit to most or all of their transactions for security reasons majorly. It is a means of protecting the customers and the bank itself from illicit transactions. 

The transfer limit depends on the medium employed in the course of transfer, whether it is the internet banking, mobile banking, ATM, etc.

The daily transfer limit on the U-mobile app (UBA mobile app) is two hundred thousand Naira only, above which your transaction will not be completed.

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How To Increase UBA Transfer Limit on UBA Mobile App

How To Increase UBA Transfer Limit

For you to increase your daily transfer limit on your UBA mobile app, you will need two things. First, a smartphone (Windows, android or apple products) and secondly, a good internet connection.

Now, follow the procedure below to successfully increase your transfer limit:

  1. Download the U-Mobile app from the app store on your smartphone and install it on your phone. Skip to step two if you already have it.
  2. Open and get started by signing up on the app. If you have done that before now, just sign in to the app.
  3. Locate and click on “Toggle Menu
  4. Then, click on “Transaction Limits” 
  5. Select your preferred authentication method (be it Secure Pass, Pin, OTP or fingerprint)
  6. Input the amount you want your limit to be set to.
  7. And finally, click on the “Update Limit” button below.

All thanks to self-service options and remote banking, you must have raised your transfer limit if you followed the steps above righteously without standing for hours in the banking hall. Hurrah!

Please remember that the bank’s daily transfer limit can not be exceeded even though you are given the liberty to do it yourself. 

The maximum transfer limit is five million naira, if you enter any amount above this, your request will not be processed.

Perhaps you are new to the U-mobile app, here is

How To Register on U-Mobile App

To enjoy services like increasing the UBA transfer limit all by yourself at your own comfort, and the ton of benefits that accompany the UBA mobile app, you have to register first on the app.

Some may not find this procedure easy, which is my reason for putting up this guide:

  • Just like I stated earlier, download and install UBA app from your phone app store.
  • Select your preferred mode of registration, with either your account number or a prepaid card.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions that display on your screen.
  • You will receive a One-Time token with which you are to complete the process

It is important to note that:

You must have an active phone number, the same one that is linked to your UBA account.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Increase UBA Transfer Limit

What is the UBA internet banking transfer limit?

For retail, the limit is ten million naira. For small and medium scale enterprises, it is five hundred million while it is one billion naira for corporate bodies.

What could be wrong with my account if I keep getting “transaction limit exceeded”?

You have probably exceeded the applicable transfer limit for you. Confirm what your limit is, and follow the above procedure to increase your limit. You might have to visit the bank for an upgrade if that does not work.

How do I get started again on internet banking if I have not used it in a while?

All you have to do is retrieve your login details. To retrieve your user ID, click on “Forgot User ID?” and also click on “Forgot Password?” to retrieve your password. Then, you are good to go!


I want to believe you have learned how to increase UBA transfer limit. I hope you found the steps straightforward and practical enough for you.

If you encounter any difficulties in the course of practice, reach out to the UBA customer care center. Feel free to ask away if you have any questions, and also share your suggestions if you have any.

I would love to read your reviews and mobile banking experiences in the boxes below. Have a great time banking with UBA!

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