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How To Reverse Airtime Purchase From GTBank

Do you desperately need to reverse the airtime you just purchased by mistake? Learn how to reverse airtime purchase from GTBank from this post. You would find out it is much simpler than you imagined.

Great are the benefits that come with most of the latest technology innovations. One of such innovations is recharging our lines directly from our bank accounts using our mobile phones with or without an internet connection.

There are times we commit blunders whether in the line we are trying to recharge or input a greater amount than that which we intended to recharge our lines with. 

This might lead to the development of headaches, especially when you are experiencing that for the first time. Fret no more! 

With you in mind, I have decided to put up this post which discusses how to reverse airtime purchases from the bank, particularly for GTBank users. So, read with me!

How To Reverse Airtime Purchase From GTBank

How To Reverse Airtime Purchase From GTBank

Just before we dig in deeper, I think it is worthy of note that the line recharged must be a registered line, and also the airtime recharged is yet to be tampered with. 

If you check these boxes, then we may proceed. Adhere strictly to the steps I will highlight to get GTBank to reverse the airtime you recharged on your line.

There are two approaches to that:

The Customer Care Approach

To get a reversal of the airtime you purchased from GTBank, place a call through to the customer care unit of the bank. 

The representative who speaks to you will ask you a couple of questions concerning your transactions, so prepare to provide detailed and correct information accordingly.

You might be wondering how to fetch GTBank customer care lines. Calm down, it is not an arduous task. 

Just pick up your GTBank credit card, turn it to the back and look at the base of the card, there you will find what you are looking for.

The Physical Approach

Sadly, you will have to leave your room this time. But then, is getting your airtime reversed not enough reason to leave the solace of your bed? If it is, get yourself to the nearest GTBank branch to you and locate their customer service unit. 

Lodge your complaint if you have given option one a try but proved abortive or table your request if the matter is still fresh, you will have it resolved. 

How to Avoid Mistakes of Wrong Airtime Purchase 

How To Reverse Airtime Purchase From GTBank

The bitter truth is that most of the time, your airtime doesn’t get reversed. So it is better to prevent this avoidable mistake from occurring.

Here is how to:

  • Double-check whatever you input as the phone number or airtime amount. Proofreading is essential, and it is a lifesaver.
  • You can always copy the phone number you intend to recharge to the clipboard, then paste when and where appropriate if you do not know the number by heart.
  • You can take all the time you want, be slow to type, and do not be in a haste to complete the payment.
  • Give it a last look, and wham, you’re good!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions On How To Reverse Airtime Purchase From GTBank

Can airtime be transferred to a bank account?

No, it can’t. You can only transfer airtime from one mobile line to another. It is even much easier if it is between lines of the same network provider, for instance, MTN to MTN lines.

Can I reverse the airtime I transferred wrongly?

Yes, you can if the transaction has not been completed. But, once you get a notification that reads “Transfer successful”, it implies the transaction has been validated and cannot be undone.

Can I reverse my airtime purchase with another phone number?

No, you cannot. GTBank will most likely reverse an airtime purchase on a mobile phone number that is registered with them. Otherwise, you do not stand a chance.

How do I reverse a transfer I made on my GTBank mobile app?

Place a call through to the customer care service line of GTBank and produce the full details of the wrong transaction you made. 

The details you are to produce include the beneficiary bank name, beneficiary account name, amount, date, and time of transaction. 

Your bank will then reach out to the beneficiary bank to resolve the issue with them.


Mistakes are inevitable, and that is why, for every pencil, there is an eraser.

Recent innovators did not forget to put that into consideration, so there is a counter-procedure for every transaction procedure that does not go as you want. 

So, I hope you found this post on how to reverse airtime purchases from GTBank beneficial and I also hope you found the steps simple and practical enough.

Although, it might be much better to take the lessons on how to avoid erroneous airtime purchases seriously. This would save you the stress and time of going through the whole hassle of processing an airtime reversal.

This post has in no way promised a 100% assurance that you would get your airtime or money bank from GTBank.


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