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What is the UBA Prepaid Card Limit?

Are you wondering what the UBA prepaid card limit is? The UBA prepaid card is a unique way to pay for things or make transactions both locally and internationally. This prepaid card from UBA is powered by VISA, one of the largest e-payment processing platforms in the world. This card can be used for all kinds of local and international purchases. Here are some of the benefits of using this prepaid card.

You can load money on your card through the UBA app for iOS and Android smartphones. UBA’s mobile app has a handy balance checker that allows you to check your balance from anywhere. It also lets you pay utility bills and recharge mobile phones. It is accepted by all visa acceptance points, and you can check your balance online with your UBA mobile app. You can also use this card at many of the same places as a regular Visa card.

You can also top up your card through the UBA ATM card. For more details, visit UBA’s mobile app and sign in using your client ID and PIN. You can also add funds to your card via your mobile phone. And if you ever need to make a transaction, all you need to do is load the card with the amount you need. Because your card is not linked to your main savings account, it can’t be stolen. In the event of a fraudulent transaction, you can contact UBA Customer Care or visit a local branch.

The UBA Prepaid Card Limit

The UBA prepaid limit varies due to the type of card you requested or have with you. Below are the daily limits of UBA prepaid cards.

Verve Debit Card Debit MasterCard
Daily Transaction Limits
ATMs 150,000 150,000
POS 1,000,000 1,500,000
Internet 500,000 1,000,000


If you want to make an international deposit, you can use your UBA prepaid card abroad. To do so, you need to have an account with UBA and be logged into the mobile banking platform. You can also use your UBA card to make local deposits and withdrawals. In addition to using your UBA card abroad, you can also use your UBA card for reloading the balance with your local bank account.

When you first apply for a UBA prepaid card, you need to show the bank identification card you currently hold and a recent utility bill to get the card. The entire process takes about three to four minutes. After that, you can fund your card with your Client ID and N1050, or use a UBA-powered ATM. After all, you can access the money you need anytime, anywhere. It is not that difficult to access UBA’s ATMs, either.

Benefits of UBA Prepaid Card

UBA Africa users can make online purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs. Unlike a standard bank account, a prepaid card is reloadable. This means you can make purchases anywhere in the world and get cash whenever you need to. And since it works in all countries, it is ideal for travel and large purchases. However, you must check the UBA prepaid card limit before you begin.

There are many benefits to using a prepaid card, including budgeting and avoiding unexpected costs. Many prepaid cards allow you to load a specific amount of money and use that money only for certain activities.

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The amount you can spend per day will depend on the card issuer. Usually, there is a daily ATM and spending limit. In some cases, a prepaid card will not allow you to go over your limit, but some will offer a way to reduce the overdraft fees.


It has been revealed in this article that UBA prepaid cards are versatile and can be used to perform various transactions. Note that, if you have not loaded money on your prepaid, you can not spend with it. 


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