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Zenith Bank Token – How to Get Zenith Bank Token Number

The Zenith Bank token number is an effective way for the financial institution to protect customers’ transactions and account details due to the increasing rate of hackers and internet fraudsters on the net.

Generally, the token device hardware with numbers is created with the primary objective of safeguarding customers’ transactions. The 6 digits code comes to play when using internet banking, this prevents hackers from using your internet mobile app without your consent. Let’s see the Zenith eToken App.


The Zenith eToken App

The eToken App by Zenith is a mobile app that generates a one-time password (OTP) used for electronic transaction authentication. The OTP is a series of numbers that automatically authenticates users for just a single transaction session. You can easily search for Zenith Bank eToken App on the play store and download it. 

Zenith Bank Token App Activation

Here are the activation details for activating the token app: 

Make a personal registration

  • Click activation method
  • Hardware Token: Account Number + 4-digit Server PIN and Hardware Token Code
  • Debit Cards: Account Number + Zenith Bank issued ATM Card and the 4 digits card PIN
  • Quick Access: access is required in order to generate an activation code for the token App. You can fill out the eToken registration form and send it to the bank for processing or just visit a Zenith bank branch around you. 


Make a corporate registration

  • Click activation method
  • Quick Access: In order to generate an activation code for corporate registration, you can also either fill out the form or visit the bank’s branch.


How To Get Zenith Bank Token Number And Bank Account PIN

If you have an account with Zenith Bank, a token number with an account PIN is essential for you to have. There are some requirements to be met to get the token number, you should first open an online account with Zenith Bank.


Requirements for Opening An Online Account With Zenith Bank

These details will be needed for the Zenith Bank Online Account

  • A valid government-issued ID card
  • BVN
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Passport photograph 

Once all these details have been provided, a Zenith Bank online account will be opened and assigned to you. A debit card or PIN will be needed for the token number.

How To Get Zenith Bank PIN for Mobile App

To start banking securely with the Zenith Bank App on your mobile phone, a PIN is needed. To get your PIN, select the “PIN+Token” at the “Register Device” option. A Pin would then be sent to your phone number linked to your Zenith Bank account.

How To Get Token Number For Zenith Bank Mobile App

To finally confirm your authenticity, it is important you input the token number and get your mobile device registered as a legal access device to your bank account. When getting your Zenith Bank Token Number, you’ll need a hardware token or an e-token.

E-Token For Mobile App

You can get the Zenith Bank e-Token by going to Play Store and downloading the Zenith Bank e-Token app. On the homepage, click on “Continue” for the activation page.

When you get to the activation page, three options will be displayed on your screen for the activation of the Zenith Bank e-Token for use;

  • The hardware token
  • Debit Card
  • Quick Access

If you choose the “Quick Access” option, you’ll be redirected to the next page. You will get an activation code and a user ID that corresponds with your Zenith Bank account. You can also get this by visiting a Zenith Bank branch near you.

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How To Get A Token Device Hardware

The token device hardware is a small device mainly used to protect customers’ transactions. You can get a Token Device Hardware by visiting any Zenith Bank branch around you and making a request for the internet banking application form.

After the registration, token device hardware will be given to you where you can get your token number. The device is really small so you may have to be extra careful in handling it. You can attach a key holder to keep it safe.

The token device hardware can last over 2 years if managed properly. An interesting thing about it is that it lasts more with usage.

Why Should You get a Zenith Bank Token Device?

When you get the Zenith bank token hardware, the device helps to:

  • Enhances greater security when performing online transactions
  • Increase your account’s daily limit transaction on the mobile app.
  • Allows for change of personal details on the app
  • Allows other transactions like Remittal


How To Use Zenith Bank Token Number For Internet Banking


To start using your token number for online transactions, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit Zenith Bank Internet Banking page 
  2. Select the PIN and Token option from the menu bar
  3. Enter your created 4 digits PIN during registration
  4. Long press the white button on your token device hardware to get a new 6 digits token code
  5. Enter the code together with your 4 digits PIN without space
  6. Click on login
  7. Your internet banking dashboard will be displayed


Final Thoughts

You can do a lot on your account online when you get your Zenith Bank Token. You can enjoy the internet banking app right after logging in without any hassle. I hope you find this guide on Zenith Bank Token helpful.


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