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Zenith Bank Daily Transfer Limit

Have you tried sending money to your loved ones from your bank account but got a message that shows that you have exceeded the amount you can send out for the day? If YES, it is the Zenith Bank daily transfer limit.

The daily limit is the maximum amount of funds that can be sent out of one account to another within a 24hr period.

What Is The Zenith Bank Daily Transfer Limit?

zenith bank daily transfer limit

The daily transfer limit varies according to the ways through which we move the funds from one account to another. We can send money through the mobile app or USSD.

The daily transfer limit for sending money through the mobile app or internet banking is NGN100,000 without the use of token hardware.

For those who make their transfers through Zenith Bank USSD, the daily transfer limit is pegged at NGN20,000 while the limit for moving funds through the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is NGN150,000 per day.

As we know, humans always want more than what they are provided with. Zenith Bank is aware of that and has provisions for anyone who wishes to increase the daily limit on their accounts.

How To Increase Zenith Bank Daily Transfer Limit

Increasing your daily transfer limit requires a hardware token that you should possess if you use internet banking.

Getting the hardware token is easy, and a visit to the banking hall will make it happen. The bank representative will charge you the sum of NGN3,500 for it.

Once you have been given the token after you’ve made a payment, you can increase your daily transfer limit up to NGN5,000,000 for Zenith Bank accounts and NGN2,000,000 for transfers to other banks.

To put the hardware token to use, you have no problem as it has been detailed for you below;

  •  Log in to your Zenith Bank Internet banking page or via the mobile app.
  • Go to settings and transfer limit.
  • Select the “Zenith transfer” regardless of the destination bank.
  • Choose your account and the maximum transfer limit.
  • Input the amount of fund you want to transfer
  • Click on the confirmation button.
  • Generate a token using the zenith bank token hardware.
  • Input your Zenith Bank pin and then the token which you generated
  • Wait for a confirmation message.

If the transaction went through, you have successfully increased your transfer limit from NGN100,000 to NGN5,000,000 or NGN2,000,000 depending on the destination.

For anyone who transacts via the USSD, the only way to increase your daily transfer limit is to enroll for internet banking or switch to the Zenith Mobile App.
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Solving the Zenith Bank Daily Transfer limit conundrum has never been easier! We believe we have played a part in solving it by providing the needed information for everyone seeking a solution.

If you have questions about the contents of this post, we implore you to drop them in the comment section and wait for an answer from us.

Happy banking!

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