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Here Is The Code To Open UBA Account!

Do you want to open a UBA account without stepping out of your room? The great news is that it is not impossible as long as you know the code to open UBA account.

The code to open UBA account is not a mystery nor a puzzle you have to crack codes to solve, you will find out what the code to open UBA account is right here- no cost, no stress!

Other than finding what the code is, this post will give you a guide on how to open UBA account using the code to open UBA account. 

You don’t have to worry, I have simplified it so much that the steps are straightforward and practical enough for you. 

If this sounds intriguing to you, hang around while I get the show on the road. You might want to grab a bowl of popcorn and a glass of juice as you read with me.

Let’s begin!

What Is The Code To Open UBA Account?

Code To Open UBA Account

The code is a multipurpose collection of numbers and symbols and is usually referred to as the USSD code, which the financial institution names UBA Magic Banking.

It is a versatile code that can be used to access multiple UBA banking services without visiting the banking hall.

The USSD code to dial for your transactions and other services is *919# and you follow the other steps as required.

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How To Open An Account Using The Code To Open UBA Account

For this procedure, there are no hidden or extra fees attached. So, you can complete this process with zero naira.

Here are the steps to follow to open an account using the USSD code:

  1. Punch and dial *919*20#
  2. You will get a prompt that welcomes you to UBA account opening service and a question that says “Do you have a BVN?
  3. If yes, input number 1 and send.
  4. Input your 11-digit Bank Verification Number
  5. The next two prompts are optional, you can skip them.
  6. And your request begins processing. In a few minutes, you will get a notification that reads “Thank you for using UBA Magic Banking.”
  7. An SMS containing your account number will be sent to you in no time.

You have created an account!

Benefits of Using Code To Open UBA Account

Opening UBA account all by yourself sure has its benefits, some of which are:

  • You will enjoy the comfort and liberty that comes with remote banking. You can get it done anywhere, anytime- no stress, no queues!
  • It initiates you into the world of online banking. With it, you can begin to transact and explore self-service options.
  • No paperwork, no forms to fill.
  • On top of these, you will still earn reasonable interest in your savings.

Can you imagine?

No matter how beautiful this is, it sure has its drawbacks.

UBA borders the cumulative value at two hundred thousand Naira, which is the highest amount you can have there above which we will restrict your account from performing any transactions.

Although it is possible to undo this action can be undone when it happens, you do not have to wait till you experience that episode of being stranded. 

You can request an upgrade to your account to raise your limits by visiting the nearest UBA branch to you or right there on your phone via the UBA mobile app or internet banking platform.


And that is all about the code to open UBA account and how to open an account using the code to open UBA account! 

Always ensure you have the same phone number linked to your account number for a successful procedure.

I want to believe the steps are straightforward and practical, as promised. However, you can ask away if you encounter any challenge in the course of opening the account yourself.

I would love to read your reviews and suggestions in the comment section, so feel free to share your experience on UBA magic banking with me. 

Also, you can share this post with your family and friends. You never can tell if someone is in need of this information at the moment.

I wish you a wonderful experience opening your UBA account!

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