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How To Upgrade My UBA Account

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide on how to upgrade your UBA account in Nigeria? Everything you need to know about the UBA bank update is right here. Read on to get that issue tackled within a short period.

The United Bank for Africa has a different range of accounts to fit all individuals from all peers, despite their lifestyles or situations. 

If you’ve however had enough of your previous account and want more money in your savings account, then your account upgrade is necessary.

With an upgraded standard bank account, you can have millions and even billions of naira in your savings account. 

I’m sure it’s another channel to inspire your work and savings as well. There is no limit to cash deposit or operating balance, something you can’t do with a tier or two tiers of savings account in Nigeria. 

Without much ado, here’s how.

How To Upgrade My UBA Account

How To Upgrade My UBA Account

In order to get your account upgraded, there are some requirements to get in place before visiting your favorite UBA branch. 

These are:

  • A valid means of identification, which can be a national ID, a permanent voter’s card, driver’s license, or an international passport.
  • A paid utility bill for the past three months like rent bill or electricity bill.
  • A passport with a color background as required by the bank. 
  • Get an account upgrade form from the bank.
  • Endeavor to make a photocopy of the document.

Once these you have put these in place, the upgrade procedure can start in different ways by:

UBA Account Update Via Bank Visit

It may be a bit stressful, but it sure is one of the best ways of getting your account updated. 

You can head over to any UBA branch around you and go through these processes:

  • Visit the customer service section
  • Speak with a rep about upgrading your savings account
  • They will ask for the earlier prepared documents, you can tender them.
  • Moreso, they will issue you a form to fill out.
  • Carefully fill the form with the correct details. The major info is your name, UBA account number, Bank Verification Number, account type, address, phone number, email address, and then your signature. 
  • Ensure your address tally with the address on the utility bill you are submitting
  • Recheck again and ensure you’ve entered the correct details
  • The bank will make the necessary work on your account and upgrade it within the next 24hours.

You can now break the deposit and maximum operating balance limit and receive an unlimited amount of money in your UBA account. 

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UBA Account Update Via Online

This is mostly for UBA account holders in diaspora, as you can’t make a UBA account upgrade online. 

Here’s the step through this:

  • Get in touch with your account manager and let them know your situation
  • They will ask you to download and fill out a form
  • Fill out the form correctly and return it to the bank
  • Upgrading might take a few days, but the bank will surely process it.

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The Advantage of Upgrading UBA Savings Account

The tier one, two, and three savings accounts are truly incomparable.

With a tier one UBA savings account, your account is limited to three hundred thousand Naira (#300,000) only operating balance and a maximum single deposit of one hundred thousand Naira only (#100,000). This is mostly for students.

The UBA tier 2 savings account has a limit of five hundred thousand Naira only (#500,000) operating balance with a one hundred thousand Naira only (#100,000) single deposit. 

The bank officials mostly open this kind of account for corps members in the camp.

Tier 3 account, which is the last savings account, is the regular and standard savings account in Nigeria. 

With this account, you have unlimited balance and banking transactions. This is why tier 3 is better than the first two tiers and you can use it for other business transactions.  

However, here is how to create a UBA transfer pin for UBA customers who prefer some little space for personal banking. It is easier than you may have thought. 

Final Thoughts

Upgrading from one tier to another may be necessary when there is an improvement in your standard of living. 

This article has comprehensively explained easy ways to get your UBA account updated. Follow these steps and simply upgrade your UBA account.

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