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5 Effortless Ways On How To Check BVN on UBA

Are you stuck and in urgent need of your BVN number? Worry less, there are several effective ways on how to check BVN on UBA.

There are easier alternatives to visiting the bank to check your Bank Verification Number, else there is a need for it. Hang around to find out more.

The BVN is a security number issued to identify an individual’s bank account details. Here, the bank issues a unique 11-digit number to a bank customer during biometric registration. 

The Bank Verification Number was launched in 2014 by the Central Bank of Nigeria in collaboration with other financial institutions in Nigeria. Biometric registration is the customer’s identification based on physiological attributes.

This is to address the growing compromise of bank users’ security data, like their pins and passwords.

The BVN has been the savior of account compromise since then. Some customers, however, tend to forget their Bank Verification Number or simply forget to have them saved. 

Thankfully, you can easily obtain your BVN through different financial services wherever you are. 

How To Check BVN On UBA

how to check your BVN on UBA

There are tested and confirmed ways of checking your BVN other than visiting the bank. Check these out:

  1. How To Check BVN On UBA Via USSD

When checking your BVN via USSD, ensure you link the line you are using to your account and the one you registered your BVN with. Once ensured, go through these steps:

  • Dial the USSD code *565*0# on your mobile phone
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and wait for the 11- digit number to pop up
  • Copy the number and make it serve your purpose.

However, there is a service charge of 20 Naira that comes with this transaction. So, ensure you have enough voucher for the success of the transaction. This service cut across all lines in Nigeria and it works for all banks.

Another USSD code for this procedure is *919*18#. 

  1. How To Check BVN Using UBA ATM Card

You can also check your Bank Verification Number with your ATM card on any UBA ATM. Here’s the procedure:

  • Slot your ATM card into any UBA ATM around you
  • Input your pin in order to gain access
  • Click on the option for the statement of account
  • Follow the process and your BVN will pop up on your screen.
  1. How To Check BVN Via UBA Mobile Bank App

The UBA mobile app lets you make different banking transactions on your phone. You can check your BVN on your Mobile App through these steps:

  • Download the UBA Mobile App on your device.
  • Install and register.
  • Provide the required login details and enter your user ID and password.
  • Log on to the app and click “Banking”.
  • Click on the profile icon after this.
  • Scroll a bit down to the security information tab.
  • Click and it will display your BVN will.

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  1. How To Check BVN Via UBA Online

With UBA, there is an internet banking app called the UBA online. The UBA online gives you effective and effortless online banking with many banking transaction details. 

To check your BVN, simply:

  • Search for UBA internet banking and log in
  • After a successful login, search the BVN section
  • In the BVN section, click the “BVN”
  • Your 11-digit number will be displayed after this.
  1. How To Check BVN Via a Visit To The Bank

If you happen to be in the bank at the time of the BVN need or you are left with no choice but to visit the bank to get your Bank Verification Number, here’s how:

  • Request for a BVN form.
  • Input your details correctly.
  • Submit the form and wait a while.
  • Your BVN will be available after a short while.

Uses And Benefits Of the BVN

  • Helps in fund transfer requests.
  • ATM card request.
  • Financial scorecard check.
  • Detection, management, and prevention of fraud.

How To Link Your BVN to Your UBA Account

If you haven’t gotten your BVN details after bank account opening, it will be required and needed after a little while. 

You can also get information on the minimum balance for the UBA savings account.

Here’s a simple process for linking your BVN to your UBA account via USSD:

  • Dial *919*6# on your mobile phone
  • Enter your BVN in the provided space
  • Click on “Send”
  • You will receive a notification if this process is successful or not.

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Final Thoughts

Above all, those are the 5 different ways to check your Bank Verification Number on UBA. Without a doubt, I hope you understood the processes involved with each of the available options to explore. Certainly, at least one of the procedures will work for you.

BVN check on UBA has just gotten better and easier. Enjoy!


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