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What are GTBank POS Terminals

Gtbank pos terminals are established outlets owned by GTBank pos agents. Withdrawing money from pos has brought comfort to GTBank customers and saved them the stress of always visiting the bank. 

Various benefits come with the massive presence of POS agents which can never be overemphasized. 

This article elucidates on 

  • What is POS?
  • Benefits of POS 
  • Services of a GTBank pos agent
  • Requirements on how to get a GTBank pos terminal
  • Linking your Gtbank POS machine with your bank account, etc. 


What is POS?

Point of sale (POS) is a terminal device that allows for payment of goods and services anywhere debit cards are collected. The advent of pos terminals has paved the way for quality means of making payments and completing transactions online. 


Benefits of POS

  • Reduction of handling of cash 
  • Easy payment and completion of transactions
  • Safe the customers from visiting the bank always
  • Reduction in the exposure to theft 
  • Reduction in the cost of personnel and cash receipts


GTBank POS Terminal Agent

Gtb Pos terminals are service merchants readily available to help with financial transactions on behalf of GTB. Such transactions include receiving and payment of bills online. These agents perform their duties representing Gtbank as a whole. 

The main reason for the establishment of these pos agents is to bring the bank closer to the customers and execute basic banking functions. 

Some of the services of these agents are –

  • Opening of accounts
  • Assist with deposits and withdrawal of money
  • Payment of utility bills
  • Transfer of funds
  • Inquiries, etc. 


How to become a GTBank POS Terminal Agent

Some requirements are needed to be met on how to start a pos business with GTBank. This is because the pos devices to be given are licensed by Gtbank as such any pos agent must undergo scrutiny to aid trust. 

The requirements are – 

  1. You must own a GTBank account
  2. You must have a recognized means of identification like a Voters Card, National Identity Card, Drivers license, etc. 
  3. You must own an existing business location 
  4. Proof of residential address like Nepa bill
  5. You must also have a GTBank app

Gtbank POS terminal agents can be found in markets, schools, eateries and restaurants, recreational gardens, etc. 

Benefits of Gtbank Pos Agents

There are benefits attached to being a GTBank pos agent as well as having the pos agents around. These include: 

  1. Multiple access points for GTBank customers to ease the completion of transactions.
  2. Increase in income 
  3. Easy e-channel transactions
  4. Reduction in crowding at the bank and queuing at ATM stands, etc. 


How To Acquire A Gtbank POS

Acquiring a GTBank POS is the same as becoming a GTBank pos agent. To get this  terminal, simply follow the steps below:


  1. Walk into any Gtbank and open a Gtbank business account
  2. Go to the customer service section of the bank and make a request for a POS application form and agreement form.
  3. Fill out the form and submit

If your application is successful, you’ll get a call from the bank to come for your POS terminal machine. 

Note – GTBank POS terminal application totally is free.

Linking Your Gtbank POS Machine With Your Account

Gtb Pos machines can be linked to your bank account if you have a bank account already.  Visit any GTBank branch near you, pick an application form and submit it with the following documents:

  • A recognized means of identification like a Voters Card, National Identity Card, Drivers license, etc. 
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Two passports
  • CAC certificate ( serves as a piece of evidence that you have registered your business)
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much do I need to start a Gtb pos business?

The minimum required to start up the business is #50,000

How do I get a Gtbank POS machine?

Go to any Gtbank branch, fill out the request form and wait for feedback

How much can I make daily and monthly from a POS business?

You can make as much as #5,000 – 10, 000 naira in a day. 

Does Gtbank provide a POS machine?

Yes, Gtbank provided POS machines to verified agents

Is the POS business profitable?

Yes, it is profitable. Most especially in places with no banks and ATM stands. 


Final Note

GTB POS terminals are created to help the bank and the customers in performing their basic daily financial activities. 

How to start a POS business with GTBank requires some steps which are having a GTBank account, a valid ID, a successful application, etc.


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