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How To Recharge Startimes With GTBank Using Mobile App And USSD Code

Knowing how to recharge StarTimes with GTBank either via GTBank mobile app or GTBank USSD services is actually a great thing that will come in handy for GTBank users who own Startimes someday.

Imagine this:

Being a busy person, the expiry date for your StarTimes subscription totally skipped your mind. Then, it finally expires late into the night when you can no longer step out. And fortunately, you own an account with GTBank.

Life has become so easy that you can recharge your StarTimes without stepping a foot out of your house. Well, that’s only if you knew the way. 

Would you like to learn how to recharge StarTimes with GTBank? If yes, stay glued to this post while I show you the detailed guidelines for the procedure.

Let’s get the show on the road!


First, permit me to congratulate you on owning an account with GTBank. Then I award you bigger congratulations if you are one of the GTBank mobile app users. 

It is absolutely fine if you do not own a smartphone or if you do, but have decided against using the app, there is also a way out for you.

So, what do I have for you?

For the sake of a first-timer, let us begin with:

Startimes Bouquets And Subscription Plans

To renew your subscription plan with StarTimes, it is important that you know the packages that exist that you can select from according to your preference, and maybe your purse.

The following are the available subscription plans on Startimes:

  • Nova Bouquet

This plan is the fairest of all in terms of price, and it offers you nothing less than 26 entertaining channels. 

The monthly subscription fee is just nine hundred nairas (#900).

  • Basic Bouquet

The basic bouquet comes immediately after the Nova bouquet as regards pricing. This plan offers about 46 channels for your entertainment.

The monthly subscription fee for this plan is One thousand, three hundred Naira only(#1,300).

  • Classic Bouquet

The cost of this bouquet is fairly moderate and it offers about 60 channels. The monthly subscription fee for this plan is One thousand, nine hundred Naira only (#1,900).

  • Unique Bouquet

This is the most expensive subscription plan on Startimes. When you subscribe to his plan, you will have access to over 80 channels. 

The monthly subscription fee is Three Thousand, Eight Hundred Naira only (#3,800).

How To Recharge StarTimes With GTBank

How To Recharge StarTimes With GTBank Using USSD Code

If you do not have a smartphone or you do not have access to the internet, then follow this guide on how to recharge StarTimes with GTBank using the USSD code:

  1. Dial *737*37*amount*Smartcard Number# from the same number linked to your GTBank account.
  • Amount – refers to the subscription fee bouquet plan you are opting for, e.g. 900 for Nova bouquet.
  • Smartcard number – refers to the number imprinted on the Startimes card that is usually inserted into your Startimes decoder.

Here is an example:


Then, click the dial button on your phone.

  1. Enter the last four digits on your GTBank credit card to confirm the transaction you just initiated. This is the concluding step of this procedure. 

That’s all about recharging Startimes with GTBank using the USSD method. Pretty simple, right? I bet!

How To Recharge StarTimes With GTBank Using Mobile App

For those of you with smartphones and a reliable internet connection, this is for you. Follow the steps I am about to share right now to the letter and thank me later:

  1. Download and install GTBank mobile app from your app store to your phone. Register on the GTBank app to get started. You can check my post on how to register GTBank mobile app for a painless procedure. 
  2. Once you are done registering the app, set up the app. You will find this to be quite simple, courtesy of the user-friendly interface of the GTBank mobile app. 

Skip steps one and two if you have the mobile app already.

  1. Locate and select “Pay Bills” on the app.
  2. The next thing on the list is to select “Cable TV”.
  3. Select “Startimes”.
  4. Select your preferred subscription plan. You can refer to the list of the subscription plans I shared with you earlier.
  5. Input your smartcard number.
  6. Complete the payment process.

And smack! You are ready to view all available channels and get entertained to the brim. I hope you have a cup of juice with you, and perhaps a bowl of popcorn also.


I hope you found this post very helpful, and I believe that the guidelines on how to recharge StarTimes with GTBank either using the USSD code or the GTBank mobile app are quite practical. 

I have tried to simplify the steps as much as possible, but you can always ask away if you have any more questions on this topic.

Also, I will be here to help if you get stuck at any point in your course of putting this into action. 

Moreso, I would like to hear your reviews and/or suggestions on this post. So, feel free to use the comments section.

Stay safe!

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