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How to Activate Zenith Bank ATM Card

Has your mind been filled with the thought of how to activate the Zenith Bank ATM card in your possession? Have you taken steps to solve the riddle? Either YES or NO, this post is for you.

Zenith Bank ATM card is one tool that can’t be hyped enough as it provides total access to your account daily. Also, it can be a VISA Debit card or MasterCard.

We can use it on all Zenith Bank ATMs nationwide, other banks’ galleries, and Point of Sales terminals and make online payments.

Outlined below are the multiple ways of activating your Zenith Bank ATM card;

How to Activate Zenith Bank ATM Card Via Internet Banking

How to Activate Zenith Bank ATM Card

Internet Banking users do enjoy the luxury of activating their Zenith Bank VISA or MasterCard debit card through the platform.

Getting the task done is a straightforward process which means it is easy to execute, and it is been outlined below for your benefit:

  • Log on to Zenith internet bank using either your User ID/Email or Account Number

  • Click on the card menu on the left

  • From the dropdown menu, Select activate/deactivate card

  • Input and confirm your PIN

How to Activate Zenith Bank ATM card by visiting the Bank

This is easy if a Zenith Bank branch is near your abode. Once you locate one, walk in and go straight to the customer service corner, and request an ATM card if you do not have one.

After the card has been registered and confirmed, the next step is to activate it, and that will be done by the bank representative

How to Activate Zenith Bank ATM Card via Mobile App

With a one-time password, the Zenith mobile application makes transactions easy to complete, making it more convenient than other options.

Activating your ATM card through it is also possible and can be done by following the guidelines below;

  • Log in to the Zenith mobile app using your Account number and Password

  • Select the card and cheque option on the menu

  • Select the “activate card” option

  • Input and confirm your PIN

Activating your Zenith Bank ATM card won’t be possible if you are not a registered Mobile App user.

Here is how to register and be verified:

Register with One-Time Password (OTP)

Registration through OTP is an easy one if you are in possession of the number that was linked to your bank account when you opened it, as it will be the pathway to a successful ending.

Through the number, you will receive the all-important One-Time password.

  • From Google Playstore or IOS App Store, download the Zenith Bank Mobile App

  • Input your account number in the empty field and submit

  • Select OTP

  • Create and confirm your six-digit password, then create and confirm your four-digit mobile PIN.

  • Enter the OTP received via SMS

  • Click on Submit.

You can check how to check BVN on Zenith bank

Register with Hardware Token

Once you have the hardware token given to you by the bank in your possession, becoming a verified Mobile App user is a stress-free task.

Follow the guide below and complete the process successfully in a few minutes.

  • Download and install the app from Google Play Store or IOS App Store

  • Fill in your account number and proceed

  • Create and confirm your six-digit password, then create and confirm your four-digit mobile pin.

  • Submit and enjoy the best of EazyBanking


Drooling over how to activate your Zenith Bank ATM card will be a thing of the past if you follow the solutions proffered through the content of this post competently.

I believe I have solved the riddle, and you are pleased to get over the obstacle finally.

If you have questions, we are always ready to answer.

Happy Reading, and banking.

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