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Zenith Bank Savings Account Limit

Questions abound over Zenith Bank Savings Account Limit in people’s minds, and the right answers are not forthcoming. Stress no more, as you have found the solutions.

Zenith Bank offers different ‌savings accounts to its customers, and each account has its limits.

Let’s go learning.

Zenith Bank Savings Account Limit

Zenith Bank Savings Account Limit

  1. Individual Savings Account

Absolutely, the Zenith Bank Individual Savings Account is the standard savings account being offered to customers. It has so many features and benefits for whoever owns one.

It is for anyone who has a goal set aside and wants to save towards it, and Zenith Bank will offer interest at the end of the month.

Account Limit

For the Zenith Bank Individual Savings Account, the limit stipulated by the institution is NGN5,000,000

  1. EazySave Classic Account

For individuals with a minimum means of identification, this account is the best for you. It is designed to facilitate financial inclusion.

The good news is that it requires no opening account balance and offers a lot of benefits to account holders.

Account Limit

The cumulative total of funds that a customer can keep in the EazySave Classic Account is NGN300,000.

  1. EazySave Premium Account

EazySave Premium Account facilitates financial inclusion, permitting individuals with minimal forms of identification.

It requires zero balance to open an EazySave Premium Account, and it has tremendous benefits for anyone who wishes to own one.

Account Limit

The EazySave Premium Account limit is set at a cumulative total of NGN500,000.

  1. Aspire Account

They created the Aspire account for undergraduates around the country who have a dream and want to work towards it. It enhances the lifestyle of Nigerian students.

Fortunately, the great thing about the account is the interest that grows steadily as long as you have some funds in the account.

  1. Zenith Children’s Account (ZECA)

The Zenith Bank Children’s Account is a unique savings account designed to allow parents to save for their children’s future and teach them about savings from a young age. The account is available in two tiers for kids and teens.

Zenith Bank Children’s Account (0-12) and Zenith Bank Children’s Account for Teens (13-17) are the two tiers of accounts.

Account Limit

The maximum amount that can one can keep in these accounts is NGN300,000.

  1. Timeless Account

Without a doubt, Zenith bank created this account for senior citizens above the retirement age to enjoy their rest from active service.

Indeed, it comes with a lot of exciting features to suit the targeted group of citizens.

Account Limit

The limit for the account for the aged, also known as the Tireless account, is NGN300,000

  1. Save4Me

This account is designed for customers to save towards a particular target, and customers can open several target accounts for different purposes.

It offers different benefits for account holders.

Account Limit

They set the account limit for this at NGN300,000

  1. Zenith Eazy Account

They designed this type of savings account as an instant account that you can create from the comfort of your couch through the Zenith Bank USSD code *966*77#.

Account Limit

Like most savings accounts, they set the limit at NGN300,000.

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Final Thoughts On Zenith Bank Savings Account Limit

Zenith Bank has a variety of savings accounts for its customers, and they all have a limit to what they can contain.

We have discussed all the types of Zenith Bank Savings Accounts and their limits in the post, and we hope you have learned and opened one with an institution. 

If you have ‌questions, ‌drop one in the comment section.

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