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Learn How To Get Loan From UBA Bank Using USSD Code

Are you UBA customer and you have an urgent need for funds? Would you like to learn how to get loan from UBA bank using USSD code? Stay glued to this page while I walk you through the process.

Life has gotten much easier that you can go broke this minute and get your cash worries solved in a twinkle of an eye. 

You might be wondering how this works, don’t stress. I will show you how, but know that the first requirement for this instant miracle is being a customer of the UBA bank. 

Then, with just a few clicks on some digits on your mobile phone, and entering a few details, you will receive a credit alert in an instant. 

These “digits” are what these banks refer to as loan codes, which are one of the many functions of their USSD banking services.

It’s guide’O clock! It is high time I walked you through the process of getting a loan from UBA bank using the USSD code.

UBA Click Credit

United Bank for Africa launched the Click Credit scheme with the aim of tackling the urgent needs of their loyal customers who have their salary accounts with them.

In line with the bank’s mission of creating value, the bank launched this scheme to also assist their customers with pressing needs of funds, which I must say, was a very commendable act by the bank. 

Click credit is a pretty quick loan that is made available to eligible customers, where they can access up to five million Naira loan at a reduced interest rate of 1.58% monthly. You can spread the loan for up to a year, I mean a whopping 12 months!

There are different platforms via which you can apply for a click credit loan, this includes UBA USSD banking, UBA mobile app, UBA internet banking, and LEO WhatsApp.

Features of Click Credit

  • For salary earners with a minimum of 25,000 Naira monthly income
  • Customers must be between the ages of 18 and 59
  • Does not require paperwork, collateral, or extra charges
  • The maximum amount you can get with click credit is 5 million Naira
  • You have between 6 to 10 months to repay your loan.

How To Get Loan From UBA Bank Using USSD Code

How To Get Loan From UBA Bank Using USSD Code

Using a USSD code to access UBA loans is one of the quickest means to get a loan from the bank.

It is convenient, easy to operate, and accessible to every customer who qualifies for the loan regardless of whether you own a smartphone or not.

However, you will need the same phone number that is linked with your UBA account number to complete this process.

Follow the guide below to get a loan from UBA bank with USSD code successfully :

  1. Punch and dial *919*28# on your phone.
  2. Enter the amount you intend to borrow
  3. Choose the preferred tenor/ duration of payment
  4. Select “finish” and you have completed the request process.
  5. Patiently await the credit alert!

And there you go, out of the broke kingdom!

Nevertheless, there are other quicker and equally easier ways to explore for you to be a partaker of this good tiding. 

Other means include UBA:

  1. WhatsApp banking
  2. mobile banking
  3. internet banking

How To Get Loan From UBA Bank Using UBA WhatsApp Banking (Chat With Leo)

Step 1: Save UBA Nigeria WhatsApp contact – +234 903 001 0007 as Leo or whatever you find convenient and easy to recollect.

Step 2: Download and install WhatsApp messenger on your phone. Skip this step if you already do.

Step 3: Send a direct message to that contact, the content being the word “loan”.

Step 4: You will receive a response from Leo asking for the amount you wish to borrow, reply accordingly.

Step 5: Your request will be processed and you will receive the funds almost immediately.

How To Get Loan From UBA Bank Using UBA Mobile App/Internet Banking Platform

Here is how to go about this:

  1. Sign in to your account on the mobile app or on the internet banking platform.
  2. Navigate and click on “credit”.
  3. Input the amount you intend to borrow.
  4. Enter the duration of time you would like to spread your loan over.
  5. Click on “submit” to complete the process.

Frequently Asked Questions on How To Get Loan From UBA Bank Using USSD Code

Below are some of the questions customers ask frequently about UBA instant loan and how to get it:

How long does it take to process a UBA click credit loan?

This is an instant loan that requires no paperwork or collateral. So, it takes less han a minute once you dial the loan code.

Can I get a loan even if I’m not yet a confirmed staff of my firm?

The status of your employment at your firm, confirmed or not, is not a requirement to take the loan. So, you can get a loan.

How long do I have to wait for an instant loan if I just opened an account with UBA?

For you to be eligible for this loan, you must have been receiving your salary in that account for the past six months.

Do I have to pay some dues before getting the loan?

With click credit, there are no extra or hidden charges.

Wrapping Up

Indeed, UBA is one of the Nigerian commercial banks that are not missing on the innovation train.

They have taken the yoke off their customers’ necks by saving them the stress of coming to banking halls with documents to apply for a loan.

Therefore, you can follow the steps on how to get loan from UBA bank using USSD code, or explore any of the other means to get a loan from the bank.

You can also check my post on what is the code to borrow loan from GTBank in case you have another account with GTBank.

I would love to read your reviews and suggestions in the comments section, so feel free to share.

Good luck!

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