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How To Increase Transfer Limit On First Bank Mobile App

It is not impossible that you are experiencing some hard times due to a very low transfer limit on your first bank account, whether via first bank mobile app or USSD code. However, you can fix this if only you would read this post on how to increase transfer limit on first bank mobile app to the very end.

To begin with, I think I should let you know that you are not the only first bank customer who feels this way. And also reassure you that everything is under control.

All that I need from you is your rapt attention while you read through this post which explains the various steps involved in how to increase transfer limit on first bank mobile app.

You would be surprised how easily resolving these issues can be by the time you finish reading this post.

So, let’s get busy.

But just before that, shall we take a look at the transfer limits of first bank?

What Is The Transfer Limit Of First Bank?

The transfer limit of a bank is the maximum amount a bank allows its customers to transfer on a daily basis, above which no transfer of funds will be authorized nor completed by the bank.

This is also applicable to First bank. Although, the main reason for this is security as these banks want to project their own interests as much as their customers’ interests.

First bank sets the transfer limit for First bank mobile app to one million Naira only, which is the result of a recent increase by the bank from five hundred thousand Naira only.

On the other hand, the daily transfer limit of first bank on their USSD code is set to one hundred thousand Naira only. If you have more, you simply have to wait till the next day or visit the bank.

However, it might happen that you enjoy less than these transfer limits that the bank has set. Hang around while I will show you how to raise your transfer limits on both channels.

See first bank transfer code.

How To Increase Transfer Limit On First Bank Mobile App

How To Increase Transfer Limit On First Bank Mobile App

The good news is that there are two ways to do this, you can either increase your transfer limit on first bank mobile app via a hardware token or a software token.

The first bank token device is a mobile physical device that issues one-time passcodes with which a user can verify themselves and authorize digital transactions. 

While the software token is an app that you can download and install on your phones for the same purpose as a hardware token. 

It is more secure than the hardware token, in that it is a digital tool that you can not misplace or be robbed of.

How Do I Get A First Bank Hardware Token?

Follow the steps below to get a first bank hardware token:

  • Visit a first bank branch near to you.
  • Head straight to the customer care section and request for a hardware token.
  • The customer care representative will issue you a form to fill out.
  • Once you are done, the unit in charge of your request will review your application.
  • Then, you will receive the hardware token.

How Do I Get The First Bank Soft Token?

  • Walk into the nearest first bank branch to register for a software token.
  • The customer care representative will issue you an activation code. Keep this intact as you would need it later.
  • Then, visit your phone’s app store (Google play store, apple, or windows store as the case may be).
  • Download and install the FirstToken app.
  • Launch the app, and you will see a field for serial number and one for activation code.
  • Click on the activation field, and input the code you were given at the bank.
  • There you are!

Without a doubt, you are probably wondering how to use the first bank token. Don’t stress, I will do that in a bit.

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How To Use The First Bank Token

  • Download and install first bank mobile app to your phone.
  • Launch the app
  • Navigate your way to “Account Settings”, and click on “Token Synchronization”.
  • Press the button on your token device to generate a code.
  • Input it in the activation code field.
  • Check for the serial number of your device at the back of the device.
  • Then, enter it into the serial number field on your screen. You’re almost there.
  • Click “Confirm” to activate the token.
  • You’re good!

However, let it be known to you that you can transfer any amount at any first bank branch near to you no matter how huge the sum is.

Final Notes On How To Increase Transfer Limit On First Bank Mobile App

I want to believe you have learned how to increase transfer limit on first bank mobile app. I hope you found the steps straightforward and practical enough for you.

If you encounter any difficulties in the course of practice, reach out to the First bank customer care center. Ask away if you have any questions, and also share your suggestions if you have any.

I would love to read your reviews and mobile banking experiences in the boxes below. Have a great time banking with the First Bank of Nigeria!


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