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Zenith Bank Transfer Code- How To Transfer From Zenith Bank

What is Zenith Bank Transfer Code? The question must have been begging for an answer for a period. Read through this piece and learn about it. 

Zenith Bank Transfer Code is one of the various means of getting funds across to other parties from the convenience of your home or office through a specific code, as introduced by the institution.

Once again, to enlighten you and solve the riddle that has been unsolved at the back of your mind, we have compiled a list of the many ways to move that cash from your Zenith Bank account to another in the same and other banks.

How To Transfer Money From Zenith Bank

How To Transfer From Zenith Bank

  1. Transfer of Funds via USSD

The term “Bad Internet Connection” does not apply when using zenith bank transfer code. You do not need internet access to explore this channel.

You can make a transfer of funds via Zenith Bank USSD code offline. It won’t matter the phone type as long as the number you linked with your bank account is available.

Zenith Bank created the USSD code for this purpose and others, which includes the purchase of airtime, payment of bills, checking of account balance and opening of new account.

The zenith bank transfer code is *966#.

To transfer your funds, follow the steps highlighted below:

  • Dial *966*Amount*Account Number#
  • Select beneficiary bank by entering the corresponding number
  • After selection, a confirmation page will be displayed, showing the beneficiary’s name, bank, and the amount. 
  • It will prompt you to enter your 4-digit PIN
  • If successful, you will get the following message “You have successfully transferred x amount to y beneficiary account number”. 

Without the 4-digit PIN, making a transfer will be an impossible task, but you don’t have to panic once you’ve gotten it by following the guide below;

  • Dial *966*00#
  • You must send the short code using the number linked to your account.
  • For first-time service, it will prompt you to register by entering the last 4 digits of your Debit Card (MasterCard or Visa).
  • Create 4 digit PIN
  • Confirm PIN

Lest I forget, the daily transfer limit for USSD is NGN100,000

  1. Transfer via Internet Banking

Transferring money through Internet Banking involves signing on to the official website of Zenith Bank Internet Banking via, filling in the required details, confirming it, and getting the funds across.

Zenith Bank Internet Banking option allows you to transfer up to NGN1,000,000 in a day for individuals and NGN5,000,000 for corporate organizations.

You can do the following to transfer funds via internet banking:

  • Visit and
  • Log into your account using your Account Number/User ID, password or PIN, and token 
  • Select “Transfer” from the dropdown menu
  • Fill in the necessary details on the page.
  • Generate a code to be entered in the box provided for the token.
  • Once you’ve confirmed everything to be correct, click on proceed, and wait for the transfer to be confirmed.

You should also note that transferring money to other banks attracts a fee.

If you are not an Internet Banking account holder, you can register by doing what I outlined below;

  • Download and print the Application form – PDF Document.
  • Complete the form with your details.
  • Submit the form to any of our branches nearest to you.

After submission, and within 24 hours (at most 48 hours), they will send a sealed pack containing your login details (Customer Account Number and Password) to you through your relationship officer.

If you want to collect the pouch yourself, please go to the branch where you submitted the form.

  1. Transfer of Money via Zenith Bank Mobile App

To be eligible to make a transfer through the Zenith Bank Mobile App, you must have a functional account with the bank.

On the mobile app, the limit for a day is NGN500,000 but will increase to NGN3,000,000 if you have a token.

Transferring funds via the App is done by following the steps outlined below;

  • Log on to Zenith Bank Mobile App
  • Click on the Menu button on the top left corner of the App
  • Select “Send Money”
  • Input the recipient’s account details
  • Input your PIN or token.

If you are not used to making transactions via the Zenith Bank Mobile App, you can start by registering without visiting the bank, and going through unwarranted delay.

What you need to get going are;

  • Your Account Number
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Once you have that, you can get the App. To do that, go to your phone app store, search, and download it before filling in the required details.

  1. Transfer via WhatsApp

As stated earlier, Zenith Bank has multiple ways of getting funds across to other parties, and chatting with customer care agents on WhatsApp is another way to get it done.

On Zenith Bank WhatsApp account, you can check your balance, open a new account, restrict an account, among others, by chatting with an agent.

The number to be saved and added is +2347040004422, with the number linked to your bank account.

It is a quick way to get your requests and complaints attended to in an instant.

  1. Transfer via ATM

This option requires you to move down to the nearest ATM gallery with your debit card in your possession.

Once you’ve located one successfully,

  • insert your Zenith Bank debit card
  • select your type of account, either savings or current
  • select transfer from the list of options. 
  • choose the destination bank

Do not forget to remove your card once they have confirmed the transaction successful. If there is an error, go into the bank immediately.

All the different ways of transferring money to other individuals will never be possible if you do not have a valid and functioning Zenith Bank account.

The institution has made everything banking, such as opening a Zenith Bank account and funds transfer, easier. 


You probably thought the transfer of funds can’t be done in another way except for the one you are used to, but Zenith Bank isn’t one to be one-dimensional.

They have done everything to make transactions convenient for their customers in the nooks and crannies of the country, and that is a plus for us all.

To be candid, we have the utmost belief that you have gained more knowledge about the seamless transfer of money from you to other individuals, your employees, employers, business partners, and payment of bills which we hope you put to use in your best interest as their slogan states.

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