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How to Buy Airtime from Zenith Bank

You might have wondered if it is possible to purchase airtime directly from your Zenith Bank account, and YES, it is possible. Or you actually know, but do not know how to buy airtime from Zenith bank.

Worry no more, this article here is just about to reveal to you the steps involved in how to buy airtime from Zenith bank.

Buying airtime from your Zenith Bank account is an effortless task, courtesy of the provision of the USSD Code, Mobile App, and Internet Banking.

The various means of making an airtime top-up to your cell phone are discussed in this post.

How to Buy Airtime from Zenith Bank

  1. Through USSD

How to Buy Airtime from Zenith Bank

Getting airtime to your phone from your Zenith Bank account through its USSD code is the easiest way to top up your mobile, and it is available to any individual who has a functioning Zenith Bank account.

It works on any kind of phone through the number that was linked to the account when you opened it. was opened.

Lest we forget, it does not require an internet connection.

  • Dial *966*Amount*Mobile Number#
  • Select the network to which the number belongs by entering the corresponding number
  • After selection, a confirmation page that reflects the mobile number and the amount will show on your screen. 
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN to confirm
  • If successful, you will receive the following message: You have successfully purchased airtime of “amount” for “mobile number”.
  1. Via Mobile App

How to Buy Airtime from Zenith Bank

If you are a regular user of the Zenith Bank mobile app, you would realize that it is possible to make an airtime purchase from your bank account seamlessly through it.

  • Click on the menu on your left-hand side
  • Select ”Buy Airtime“ from the list of options.
  • Enter the phone number you want to recharge.
  • Enter the amount of airtime you wish to purchase.
  • Click ”Go“
  • A pop-up will appear requiring you to confirm the transaction by putting in the 4-digit mobile pin that you created when you registered for the mobile banking App.
  • input your 4-digit mobile pin and click ” Enter “.

If you haven’t downloaded, registered, and activated the Zenith Bank Mobile App, you can do so by;

  • Searching for the Zenith Mobile Banking App in your phone app store 
  • Launching the app after you download and install the app. 
  • Filling in the required details and creating a transaction pin 
  • Submitting the details and waiting for confirmation.

You can also use the App for the movement of funds, and payment of utility bills, among others.

  1. Through Internet Bank

Internet Banking users can also make airtime purchases from their Zenith Bank account through the zenith website they make other transactions on.

You will need to log on to their website, input your User ID, and password, and sign in to your Internet Banking account.

Once that has been processed, confirmed, and validated, you will need to click on the dropdown menu and select your preferred choice among the options.

Only registered Internet Banking users may transact through the platform, and we detail the process to do that below for interested people.

  • Download and print the Application form – PDF Document.
  • Complete the form with your details.
  • Submit the form to any of our branches nearest to you.

After submission, and within 24 hours (at most 48 hours), they will send a sealed pack containing your login details (Customer Account Number and Password) to you through your relationship officer.

If you want to collect the pouch yourself, please go to the branch where you submitted the form.

  1. Via WhatsApp Chat

There are many things you can do other than buying airtime through zenith bank WhatsApp such as checking your balance, opening a new account, restricting an account, and many more.

The number to be saved and added is +2347040004422, with the number linked to your bank account.

Once you save the number on your mobile, all you need to do is chat up the Zenith Bank representative. In an instant, they will attend to your request.


Getting airtime from your Zenith Bank account is now easier than it has ever been. This is because of the provision of multiple ways available to execute the task.

We have listed the different processes for making an airtime purchase, and we believe it will be beneficial to you whenever you need it.

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