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Why Is My Zenith Bank Account Restricted?

Are you looking for answers to the question “why is my Zenith bank account restricted”? Look no further as this post will provide you with answers.

As a Zenith Bank customer, they can restrict your account because of many reasons. And when your account becomes restricted, you cannot perform such transactions as making urgent payments through either USSD or a phone app or using an ATM for other transactions.

This can be so frustrating if you are currently facing this kind of issue with your Zenith bank account. Worry less, it is not the end of the account. 

You can resolve the issue easily without having to close ‌the account. However, there is no smoke without fire. 

Undoubtedly, there are a couple of reasons Zenith bank blocks or restricts your account. Shall we get busy with them?

Why Is My Zenith Bank Account Restricted?

Why Is My Zenith Bank Account Restricted?


It is no news again that you can not perform any banking transaction once your bank blocks your account, at least not until you resolve the issue. 

There are some cases where you could be the architect of your account being restricted, intentionally or not.

You do not have to take it up with the financial institution as they always have reasons for every of their actions. 

When your bank notices a fraudulent attempt on your account, or it is susceptible to fraud, they can place a restriction totally or partially. 

A partial restriction will allow a specific amount of transactions for a limited period of time. Yes, the bank and the government organization have this authority.

Here’s a list of what could warrant a restriction on your account:

  1. Unusual or Unregulated Purchase

An unusual purchase of products online could raise a red flag with your Zenith Bank account, which could lead them to take the action of restricting your account.

  1. Suspicious Bank Account Emptying

When there is a suspicious attempt to empty your bank account at the ATM, especially when it has to do with an immense sum of money, they could place a restriction on your account.

  1. Entering Wrong Bank Details

A Zenith Bank account may be restricted if a customer filled in conflicting details when applying for bank services at the bank. 

  1. Incorrect Security Authentication Answers

Some certain situations may require you to provide answers to questions for security authentication. 

If you enter an incorrect answer, the bank will deem it fit to restrict your account as it may not be you controlling the account.

  1. Fraudulent Activities

They could report your account for carrying out fraudulent activities or maybe you report that your ATM card is missing. The bank can decide to restrict your account based on this.

  1. Government Placed Restrictions

Since the government also has the power to place restrictions on people’s bank accounts, the government can request restrictions placed on your account. 

This can happen when you default on certain rules or laws placed by the government.  

  1. Entering Incorrect ATM Card PIN

When you input an incorrect ATM Card PIN into the ATM repeatedly, Zenith Bank can restrict your account .

However, the reasons for a restriction are not limited to the points mentioned above.  Moreso, it is better to try to avoid the reasons above to prevent your account from being restricted.

You can also learn how to upgrade my zenith bank account.

Restrictions are always temporary and you can resolve the issue when you carry out the necessary actions to unblock your account. 

Here’s a simple way to do that:

How To Unblock Your Zenith Bank Account

Zenith Bank has made provisions for its customers to perform certain transactions and services without having to visit the bank. 

The Zenith Bank App allows you to chat with an online customer care rep to sort issues like account blocking and restrictions.

You may also decide to visit the bank to sort out the issue of restriction by the appropriate bank staff or authority.

Also see how to unblock Zenith bank ATM card.

Final Thoughts

Alas, we are through with the answers to “why is my Zenith Bank Account restricted” question. It is essential to try as much as possible to avoid these reasons to prevent restriction. 

Moreso, if your account is under restriction because of any of these reasons, you can easily unblock your account with the options given. 

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