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Different UBA Loan For Self-Employed

There are several loan packages for different categories of workers, UBA loan packages are available for self-employed. 

They cater to owners’ business needs and help them meet their emergency business needs.

To get a UBA loan for self-employed, you can easily apply via USSD code, internet banking, mobile app, or just a visit to any UBA Branch in Nigeria. 

When applying for a loan, ensure you have a regular income with your business to increase the chances of getting the loan.

UBA Loan For Self Employed (Savings Account)

This type of saving account is basically for achieving business and personal goals. There are some benefits attached to this kind of account, they include:

  • Withdrawal of money anytime and anywhere in the world with a UBA ATM card, POS, or through online banking
  • Easy sending of money and payment of bills
  • 24/7 banking services on any UBA digital channels
  • Expenses management by chatting with LEO. 

Requirements For UBA Loan For Self-Employed

  1. A valid Identity Card like National ID/international passport/voter’s card/or Driver’s license
  2. Utility bill that has not exceeded three months old
  3. Passport photograph  

Business owners should endeavor to evaluate their needs before opting for a loan. This is to let the business owners see the type of loan that suits their business the most. 

Moreso, the terms and conditions together with the interest rate that comes with the loan should be put into consideration.

Applying For UBA SME Loans

UBA Loan For Self-Employed

Without a doubt, it is advisable to go for the best loan rates before obtaining a loan for your business. There are short- and long-term loans that differ in tenor and amount. 

As the borrower, you can choose your loan depending on the estimated calculation. These loans include:

UBA Personal Loan

This is an outstanding choice for self-employed who need money to sort personal needs. The UBA Personal Loan product brings your dream to reality and helps improve your standard of living and covers more urgent expenses.

Features And Benefits Of UBA Personal Loan

  • You have 60 months of the convenience of repayment compared to other packages
  • A max loan of #30million and a minimum of #100,000
  • Low-interest rate of 18%
  • 1% one-off management fee

Eligibility For UBA Personal Loan

In order to be eligible for this loan package, these are the criteria to be met:

  • You must be a bona fide staff of your organization
  • Run a working UBA Account
  • You must ensure you register your business

UBA Personal Loan Requirement

  • Filled loan application form
  • A copy of the payslip and bank statement showing money inflows in the last six months
  • Functional UBA Account
  • Valid means of identification
  • A copy of the obligor’s staff Identity Card
  • Accepted offer letter
  • Undertaking

Applying For UBA Personal Loan

If you are getting a personal loan from UBA, you should submit a completed loan application form with the required documents to any UBA branch close to your location.

UBA Auto Loan

In addition to that, UBA made an auto loan package for functional savings or current UBA account holders. The available brands of UBA auto loans include Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Mercedes, Hyundai, Ford, Nissan, Suzuki, Volkswagen, and Kia.

UBA Auto Loan Features And Benefits

  • 48 months convenient repayment terms
  • A competitive interest rate
  • A max auto loan amount of #15million 
  • Compulsory detailed insurance and vehicle tracking
  • Available access to renowned auto dealers

Eligibility For UBA Auto Loan

  • You must be a bona fide staff of your organization
  • Run a working UBA Account
  • Your business must be registered

UBA Auto Loan Application

  • You can visit any approved auto vendor store to get a pro forma invoice (PFI) for preferred items
  • Make a visit to any UBA branch around you to complete the loan application form

UBA Asset Finance

This particular package is specially designed to solve the challenges of purchasing household appliances, furniture, and other necessary accessories for an easy livelihood. 

The asset finance also comes with a repayment method of 24 months together with a competitive interest rate.

UBA Asset Finance Features And Benefits

  • A max loan amount of #3million
  • A minimum loan amount of #35,000
  • A minimum equity contribution of 30%

Application For UBA Asset Finance

  • For asset finance loans, get Pro Forma Invoice (PFI) for preferred items from any registered vendor
  • Visit any UBA branch to complete the loan application form

UBA Click Credit

Fortunately, there is also the UBA click credit package which is a quick loan product designed to give self-employed and salary workers funds when accessed from any UBA digital channels, be it mobile/internet banking, USSD, or Leo.

Regardless been a self-employed or salary earner, you can get a loan of up to #5million at a 1.58% monthly interest rate and an easy payback of over 12 months. 

With no needed collateral or special documents, you get a minimum loan amount of #500,000.

UBA Click Credit Requirements

All it takes is a UBA account with a regular money inflow of at least #25,000 monthly.

UBA Click Credit Application

  • Call *919*28#
  • Have a chat with Leo via Facebook or WhatsApp with the keyword “Loan”
  • You can also apply for click credit on UBA internet and mobile banking platforms

UBA SME Finance Loan

Finally, UBA designed this loan package for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). For business owners, you can get the finance to purchase assets and expand your enterprise.

For every successful applicant, you can borrow a minimum loan of $4million and a maximum of #50million. 

The loan is, however, given to business owners with businesses registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

The type of businesses supported by UBA include Agri-Business, Entertainment, and Recreation, Food and Drink wholesale/Retail Trade and Key Distributors, Professional Firms and service providers, and other viable Business Segments.

For a UBA SME finance loan application, visit any UBA branch for detailed information or get in touch with their customer service agent through the bank’s online channels. 

You should note, however, that the bank will request some documents for the loan.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, UBA has several loan packages for self-employed to enhance both their businesses and their standard of living. Asides from that, there are also many juicy loan offers available to UBA customers. 

Above all, I hope you find the exact information you need about the UBA loan for self-employed. Moreso, I hope you find the exact loan package that suits your needs and works for you best.

You can easily choose any of the available packages for self-employed that suit your preference. 

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