How To Buy Airtime from UBA

Are you looking for how to buy airtime from UBA account? You are on the right path, just continue reading while I show you how.

UBA has made various ways to top up your line available for use at your convenience.

At a point in our daily life, we will surely need to make that all-important call or send a valuable message to someone we cherish so much, but encounter a problem along the way. The problem is called Airtime.

Sometimes, an airtime seller may not be near us at that point in time, or we bought used airtime as it does happen to us in moments.

The only solution at times like this is topping up via banks or other electronic means. One bank that has come to the rescue is the United Bank for Africa.

They have provided multiple ways of getting it done for the benefit of their customers and they are being explained in this content.

Read with me!

How To Buy Airtime From UBA

There are two unique ways of buying airtime from your UBA account, they are:

  1. Buying Via USSD 

How to Buy Airtime from UBA

This is possible if you still retain possession of the number that was linked to your bank account after it was opened.

Through USSD, we can recharge the phone of others and ourselves, among many other functions of the USSD code.

Follow the process below to buy airtime from UBA:

Recharging Others

  • Dial  *919*Phone Number*Amount#

Recharging Yourself

  • Dial *919*Amount# e.g. *919*200#

Apart from recharging your line alone, UBA has codes for use at your convenience which serves other functions;


Magic Banking Code

Check balance *919*00#
Top-Up for Self *919*Amount#
Top-Up for Others *919* Phone number* Amount#
Transfer to UBA Account *919*3*account number*amount#
Load UBA Prepaid Card *919*32#
Transfer to other banks *919*4*account number*amount#
Pay bills *919*5#
ATM cardless withdrawal *919*30*Amount#


Recharging Via UBA Mobile App

How to Buy Airtime from UBA

  • Log in to the App using your mobile number (or username used when creating the account) and password.
  • Click on the combined 3 short-dashed icons at the top left of your screen and then click on buy airtime.
  • A menu will appear displaying the available network providers. This is usually based on your country/region/location) i.e. for Nigerians, you’ll see Glo Quick-Charge, MTN Direct Top-Up, 9Mobile Recharge, and Airtel Mobile Top-Up. Select the network you are using (if you are recharging for yourself) or the network you wish to transfer the airtime to.
  • Click on the amount you wish to recharge/transfer. A menu will appear showing;
  • Your account details and balance.
  • A space to insert the mobile number you are recharging for.
  • Make sure that the details are correct because, once the transaction is successful, you can’t undo it. If the information is all right, click the “Confirm” button to complete the airtime purchase transaction.

Features Of UBA Mobile Recharge 

  • It is easy and convenient to use.
  • Your desired mobile phone will be recharged easily.
  • Regardless of your network provider, you can use this service. 
  • There is no bank charge applied for airtime top-up.
  • The limit of airtime recharge on UBA is set to NGN5,000 per account. The maximum amount each bank account can recharge is not above NGN5,000 daily.
  • UBA airtime recharge code can only be used on a registered phone number linked to your UBA account. This works on the phone that you used to create the UBA account.  


UBA, with the interest of its customers at heart, has made multiple ways available for airtime recharge and we have compiled it all for everyone to read and know more about.

A thing or more must have been gained by going through this post. Happy banking.

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