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First Bank Mobile Transfer Limits

Are you not pleased with your first bank mobile transfer limits? Stick around to learn how to increase your limits on the first bank mobile app.

Introducing mobile apps, Internet Banking, and other innovations by First Bank have reduced the stress people go through in the banking halls when trying to get money across to other parties.

The movement of money through these means has its cons and pros, and the limit on the amount you can send to others is one of the cons.

In this article, we have compiled all you need to know about the transfer limit being placed on accounts by First Bank.

First Bank Mobile Transfer Limits

First Bank Mobile Transfer Limits

Previously, they placed the transfer limit on the FirstMonie Mobile App at NGN500,000 per day until they increased it to NGN1,000,000.

While they set the online banking transfer limit at NGN5,000,000 for individuals & NGN10,000,000 for corporate entities. 

How To Increase Your Transfer Limit

If you are a First Bank customer and you have been searching for ways to increase your first bank mobile transfer limits, here we are.

Below are the various steps to undertake in order to get an increment to your transfer limit below:

  1. Visiting The Bank/Through The Bank Attendant

  • Ensure correctly that you have your bank account documents ready alongside an identity card, preferably the National ID or the Voters Card.
  • Visit the First bank branch nearest to you.
  • Lodge a complaint and the bank attendant will ensure the increment is active in an instant.
  1. Getting A First Bank Hardware Token

This option also requires you to visit the nearest branch to you, without the documents as opposed to the one listed above. You do not need the documents when requesting a token.

All that is needed is to fill out a form handed over to you by the bank representative and wait for a review by the necessary department, and receive your token once the approval has been granted.

The hardware token is a pocket-sized device that must be with you whenever you want to make a transfer.

  1. Getting A First Bank Software Token

Another way of getting an increment to your transfer limit is by requesting a software token from your bank, and it is more advisable to get it than the hardware token.

All you need to have is a valid bank account, a smartphone, and a good internet connection. Once all these are available, you can proceed by following the guide;

  • Go to your phone app store, search and download the FirstToken App
  • Once you do that, launch the app and you will find a serial number and activation code field.
  • The serial number field is for the Hardware token, and the activation code field is for the Software token.
  • Visit the nearest First Bank branch to you and request an activation code. They will give you.

How To Register/Activate First Bank Mobile App

Without activating the FirstMonie Mobile App, all the steps listed above are meaningless, and we have outlined the easiest way to register and activate the app for you.

  • Download the App from your phone app store.
  • From the login screen of the Mobile App or Online Banking, you will select “first-time user” to enroll. It will prompt you to enter information to confirm your identity.
  • The next step is to select your Two-Factor Authentication Method (2FA) or Two-Step Verification by sending yourself a code via text, automated phone call, or Authy app. 
  • After you enter your code, your Two-Step Verification for your account is now enabled.
  • Upon the first-time login, you must accept the user agreement
  • Create a username and password. Once accepted, your customer dashboard will display. You will use these same login credentials for Online Banking.

How To Use The First Bank Hardware Token

The ultimate aim of acquiring a token is to put it to use when making a transaction over the FirstMonie Mobile App.

It is easy for you to use this token if you follow the guideline I have put together for you below:

  • Log in to your First Bank/FirstMonie Mobile App or download it if it isn’t on your mobile
  • Once the login is successful, go to “account settings”, and click on “token synchronization”
  • Press the round small button on your hardware device, and it will generate a code. 
  • Input the displayed code on the second field in the “token synchronization” page
  • Locate your token serial number that is at the back of the device, and input it into the serial number field
  • Click on the “confirm” button and wait for its activation.

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I hope this post has cleared your doubts on how to increase first bank mobile transfer limits. Without a doubt, you are now familiar with the steps to take to solve the question which has been bothering you for a while. 

Hopefully, the processes needed to be taken won’t be hard for you to get that transfer limit that has been hindering you out of the way. We will be ready to answer your questions if you have any.

Enjoy banking with the oldest bank in Nigeria.

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