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How To Change Your First Bank Phone Number

Want to know how to change your first bank phone number? Read this post to understand how to change the phone number you registered with First Bank.

It is essential to link your phone number to your first bank account to ensure it features the first bank USSD magic code *894# for many exclusive transactions like payment of bills, airtime recharge, fund transfer, and many more.

Aside from the use of the USSD code for these transactions, your phone number lets you receive SMS alerts for all transactions, both credit and debit. 

Some reasons may actually make you want to change your phone number registered to your first bank account.

These reasons may include your mobile phone getting stolen, you deciding to change your sim’s network for a better internet connection, or you just want to change to a new number.

Regardless of the reason why you are changing your first bank phone number, it is essential to get the new phone number updated with the bank. 

There are different ways you can get this done which include: 

  • via first bank mobile banking app
  • a visit to the nearest first bank branch in your location, 
  • or a chat with a customer care representative over the phone.

How to Change First Bank Phone Number

How To Change Your First Bank Phone Number

Basically, the financial institution ensures the continuous system of its virtual operations to enhance the ease of performing transactions. 

You can change your first bank phone number online without visiting the bank. All you have to do is access the first bank online platform through your bank app.

  1. Changing your phone number online

  • Log in to First Bank Online Banking Platform or the Mobile App
  • Scroll and click on “Self-service
  • On the “Personal Information Tab”, select the main “Customer Information
  • You will have to enter the new phone number that you want to change on the “Customer Information” page.
  • Select “Update” to authorize your First Bank phone number.
  1. Changing Your Phone Number Via Bank Visit

Another option for changing your first bank phone number is visiting the first bank branch nearest to you. 

If you do not have a smartphone or you just happen to be around the bank’s vicinity, you could make a call at the bank and get it done.

Here’s how:

  • Locate any first bank branch nearest to you
  • Ask to see a customer service rep
  • The customer service rep will give you a form to fill out for a change of number.
  • Enter your details correctly
  • Submit the form to the authorized counter
  • You will receive an SMS to authenticate your request.
  1. Changing Your Mobile Number Via Speaking With a Customer Care Representative

In cases where you do not have the luxury to visit the bank or access the mobile banking app platform, you can make inquiries by contacting a first bank customer care rep.

This can be done by placing a call to any of the following numbers:

  • +234-708-062-5000
  • +234-1-905-2326
  • +234-1-905-2000

Aside from getting to change your first bank phone number via calling a customer care rep, you can also make other inquiries like:

Changing the First bank phone number is not a difficult task and can be fixed with any of these methods. 

They are all easy solutions and also straightforward. Another method is through first bank internet banking.

  1. Changing Your Phone Number Via Internet Banking

Your telephone number can also be changed through internet banking from the first bank. 

Here’s how:

  • Login to the First bank website at www.
  • Log in with your access data
  • Click the “Information Update” tab on the menu
  • Click on “Edit Phone Number” to change the number
  • Ensure you entered the correct phone number
  • Make the security check and save changes.

It is the same process with other banks, just different websites. Ensure to register before making the changes.

More so, you can remove SMS notifications through the internet banking platform but only after registration. 

You can access your account anytime with internet banking. You can register by: 

  • Make a visit to any First Bank branch near you
  • Go to the customer service counter and make your request
  • You will be given a form to fill
  • Input your details correctly
  • You will receive your login details at your email address. You are registered and can now log in
  • Ensure to change your password after the first login
  • Select and answer the security questions
  • Create your TrueStamp with a word or phrase.

Here are steps to remove SMS notifications through the internet banking platform:

  • Login to the First Bank website
  • Select the “Online Banking” tab
  • Login with access to data
  • Click the “Warning tab” from the menu
  • Disable the SMS notification service
  • Run a security check and save changes

Final Thoughts

Updating and changing your First Bank phone number just became easier. You can now receive messages and make transactions with your new number with these different steps. 

The First Bank Magic code *894# still works miraculously.

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