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How To Check BVN On GTB in 5 Easy Ways!

Looking for various ways on how to check BVN on GTB/GTCO? 

Worry less, this article will guide you through each and every way of checking your BVN on GTB. 

After all, it’s such a long number to carry around upstairs. So, there are different means of checking BVN on GTB. 

You can check your Bank Verification Number via:

  • GTBank Mobile Banking App
  • the GTBank Internet Banking
  • Bank Verification Number Code
  • the GTBank USSD and
  • By visiting the nearest GTBank around you.

However, you can choose from any of these options, and still get to check your Bank Verification Number. 

Visiting the bank might not be a wonderful choice, because of the attached stress of moving and bank queues.

Let’s get started.

How To Check BVN On GTB

How to Check BVN On GTB

  1. How to Check BVN Via GTB Mobile Banking App

You can check your BVN through GTBank mobile banking app. GTBank has two different mobile banking apps that you can choose from; the GTBank mobile app and the GTWorld. 

The GTWorld is better as it is new and more advanced. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Visit the play store on your smartphone, download the GTWorld Mobile Banking App and install it.
  • Create an account if you haven’t done so before. This will not take you more than fifteen minutes. 
  • Sign in to the mobile banking app
  • Once you are signed in, there’s the Bank Verification Number displayed on the screen.
  • Click and get your BVN at once. 

This checking option is very fast for checking your BVN. It is also free and charges nothing. 

Please note,

You need an ATM card, the registered phone number, and connected internet data to create an account. 

  1. How to Check BVN Via Internet Banking

Just as the name implies, you need the internet to check your BVN and work with the GTBank internet banking account

Internet banking is a great option and works best for all banking transactions. For new users, you can register for the GTBank/GTCO internet banking on their website. Then, follow the on-screen prompts and fill in the correct info.

Once you sign in successfully, simply click the menu option icon that says Bank Verification Number, it will then display your BVN with no stress. 

Even though GTBank tends to change and redesign its page often, you can always meet the Bank Verification Number link anytime you visit the page.

This procedure for checking Bank Verification Number is also free and requires no charges. It is also fast and you get additional account information with the displayed Bank Verification Number. 

  1. How to Check BVN Via USSD Code

The USSD code is another means to get your Bank Verification Number from GTBank. It is very popular and you can easily retrieve your BVN with it instantly. 

Simply activate the GTBank USSD code on your smartphone or any featured phone. To activate your GTBank USSD code, simply dial *737# and answer the on-screen prompt questions correctly. 

There are also other options like how to increase GTBank transfer limit if you’d like to know. 

After activating the USSD on your mobile phone, you can now check your Bank Verification Number by dialing *737*6*1# and it would be displayed instantly. Yes, as easy as that. Together with your BVN, you also get additional account information and details.

This BVN checking procedure does not require any internet connection. Also, it works on every type of phone regardless of whether it is a smartphone or not. Moreso, it is a quick means of checking your Bank Verification Number.

  1. How to Check BVN Via Bank Verification Code

This is not a very popular means of checking Bank Verification Number in Nigeria, but it works quite well and covers all networks and banks in Nigeria. 

The Bank Verification Code is *565*0# and it allows you to check BVN on any bank account or mobile phone number. The phone number must be linked to your account and bank verification number to get this successfully. 

To check your BVN on GTBank via the BVN code, simply dial *565*0# on your mobile phone but ensure you have enough airtime as a service charge of #20 will be deducted for this transaction. 

Right after you dial this code, the said amount will be deducted and your Bank Verification Number will show on your screen. 

With this checking procedure, you do not need any internet connection for this and the code is applicable to all networks and banks.

  1. How to Check BVN By Visiting The Bank

Visiting the bank could be time-consuming and a bit stressful, but it also belongs to the means of retrieving your Bank Verification Number. 

You can go to the nearest GTBank around you and locate the customer service section, where you can make a request to retrieve your Bank Verification Number. 

All that would be requested of you will be your account number and a valid Identity Card. With your account details and ID, they would run a check on your account to retrieve your BVN. 

It is advisable to write it down somewhere for future use.

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Final Thoughts

We have successfully voyaged through the different means of checking your Bank Verification Number on GTBank. 

Based on individual preferences and convenient ways to retrieve the BVN, you can simply choose from any of the explained methods on how to check BVN on GTB to retrieve your Bank Verification Number with no stress. 

Remain safe!

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