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How to Upgrade My Zenith Bank Account

Have you been considering upgrading your zenith bank account? Read this post on “how to upgrade my zenith bank account” to get started.

When you open a Zenith Bank Account or with other financial institutions, you will need to provide some documents and there are some requirements to meet. 

Also, there are several types of accounts available for customers, from student accounts to kids’ accounts, business accounts, and many more.

More so, you can operate tier 1, 2, or 3 accounts. If you are working with a tier 1 account, you will not be able to receive money beyond a certain limit. 

Your account may be limited to receive a maximum of #200,00 and a limited loan offer of #500,000 that may hardly get disbursed.

Generally, you will need an account update to remove all these restrictions and limits on your bank account. 

This upgrade will enable you to make unlimited transactions and remove all limits on your account. 

This is an upgrade to a tier 3 account that has no form of restriction and contains any amount of money you wish to put into it. 

Here are tips for Zenith Bank Account Upgrade Online:

You do not have to print and scan documents to manage them any longer as you can go digital and save enough time with the SignNow for electric signatures. 

Its powerful functionality can be used with a simple intuitive interface to fill out the Zenith Bank account upgrade online. You eSign them and share without jumping tabs. 

Requirements For Zenith Bank Account Upgrade

How to Upgrade My Zenith Bank Account

These are what might be asked of you if you decide to get your account updated:

  • A valid ID card which can be a Driver’s Licence, Voter’s Card, International Passport, or National ID
  • Utility bills from the last three months which can be electricity bills, rent bills, or other bills
  • A passport
  • Duly signed form issued by the bank

How To Upgrade My Zenith Bank Account

Once you have these requirements in place, you can visit any Zenith Bank branch nearest to your location and head straight to the customer service department and table your request.

Since you have all the needed documents, they will issue you a form to fill out. The form will contain questions about your personal information, like your Bank Verification Number (BVN), email address, account number, home address, phone number, and many others.


During the registration and application, make sure the name on the application is the same name on your account to avoid mismatch during other banking transactions.

Can Zenith Bank Account Be Upgraded Online?

At the moment, you can not currently upgrade a Zenith Bank account online. 

But in cases when you are far from any Zenith Bank branch or out of the country, you can send an email to the customer service unit at Zenith Bank and they will guide you through what needed to be done to get your account upgraded.

How To eSign Zenith Bank Account Upgrade Form Online

  1. You can make use of the “GetForm” or simply select the template preview
  2. Fill in your information correctly as required
  3. Make use of the “Cross/Check” marks in the toolbar to select your preferred answers in the boxes
  4. Make use of the circle icon for Yes/No questions
  5. Scrutinize the document and ensure you have entered the correct information
  6. Input the current date with the corresponding icon
  7. Click on “Sign”, then “Add New Signature”, then select your preferred option be it to type, draw, or upload an image
  8. Finish the filling by clicking on the “Done” button
  9. Download a copy, save and print or share right from there
  10.  Click on “Help” if you have any issues or need help 

Final Thoughts

Sadly, I acknowledge that you have just one option to upgrade your Zenith Bank account. However, this one option is a sure plug to upgrade your Zenith bank account.

Get into the world of unlimited transactions as you upgrade your account! 

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