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How To Buy Shares In GTBank

Want to learn how to buy shares in GTBank?

Shares in GTBank still remain one of the prominent and high performers in the African stock market, thanks to the numerous shareholders and, of course, the bank’s outstanding performance. 

When it comes to innovation in the aspect of banking and finance, GTBank is found at the forefront owing to its high-quality financial services. 

It is no news again that the bank is taking an extra dimension into its operatives by swiveling into a holding company structure called the “GTCO PLC”. 

It sure is a beneficial time for the bank, the customers, and the shareholders at large. So, if you plan to buy shares in a GTBank, you are taking a bold and beneficial step. 

I’ll be working you through the easy ways of buying shares in a GTBank.

Easy Ways To Buying GTBank Shares

Generally, the idea of buying shares from banks used to be for the wealthy people and those that belong to the upper class, thankfully, that has become a thing of the past. 

Interestingly, you can become a shareholder in GTBank within a blink of an eye without having to break your own bank account. 

Regardless of your income rate, you too can become an investor in GTBank. Yes, an investor!

What’s more? 

GTBank is one of the most valuable banks in Nigeria. So before anything, know that you’ve made a decent choice. Congratulations!

When it comes to stock investment, GTBank is super. The financial institution has lots of codes for online transactions, you also have ways to check your GTBank account balance online

Now let’s move to ways to buy GTBank or GTCO shares.

How To Buy Shares In GTBank 

How to buy GTBank shares

Buying a GTBank share has become as easy as settling the deal on your smartphone without having to hit the road. 

You can buy a GTBank share in the Nigerian stock right in the comfort of your home. There are several apps online that allow for this process, but we’ll be using the Chaka App. 

Let’s go through the steps;

  1. Registering With Chaka

For the share buying procedure, you have to register with Chaka. This is totally free compared to many other brokerages that would request fees for account opening. 

To register with Chaka, go to their mobile app or website and fill in all the necessary details.

  1. KYC Documentation

This documentation is necessary whenever a financial service app is being used. This documentation has to be completed before the account finally becomes active. 

After the KYC documentation, you get a CSCS account number, which is your individual unique number, to the Nigerian Stock Market.

  1. Funding Your Account

With your CSCS account number, you can hunt your account with Chaka using a debit card or through an online transaction. 

All you have to get done is make your funds approved in the new account and you can start with the trading at any time.

  1. Buy Your Shares!

Awesome, right? With the funds in your Chaka account, you can now buy GTBank or GTCO shares right in your comfort zone anywhere you are in the world.

However, there are certain things you must do before buying shares from GTBank. Let’s quickly go through this.

The ‘Dos’ Before Buying A GTBank Share

You’ve decided to purchase shares from GTBank or GTCO Plc. Of course, you want to follow the proper procedures to ensure a smooth purchase. 

These few requirements being followed diligently will guide you through the process.

  1. Be aware of the bank’s share price

If you are buying a bank share, you should know the current price of the share to determine how much you will be investing. 

Also, you will get to know how much is expected of you to invest as to the number of shares you are buying. 

To know the current price of shares, you can log on to the GTBank website to get the right info.

  1. Be aware of the associated brokerage fees

When buying GTBank shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, there is the requirement of going through a broker. 

Some brokers will request you a brokerage fee charge to enable you to buy or sell your shares. This has to be put into consideration and included when drafting your investment outlay. 

  1. Obtain a CSCS account

The CSCS (Central Securities Clearing System) account is a stock trading account that allows you access to your shares regardless of the brokerage you opt-in for. 

A CSCS account is needed together with a stockbroker to enable you to buy your GTBank or GTCO shares.

These are the steps you should take, otherwise called the “Dos” when buying a GTBank or GTCO share. Not much hassle, right? 

Final Thoughts

It is easy to invest in stock, but not quite when trying to invest successfully. 

When buying shares, endeavor to be conversant with the basic capital knowledge in order to get the best out of the stock market. 

This article has talked about how to buy shares in a GTBank/GTCO successfully.

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